A healthy circulatory system and pH balance in the interstitial fluid is critical for your overall health.
How's Your Circulation?

body energy crisis
Lung Cancer and Brain Tumor (Left) and Risk of Stroke and Prostate Enlargement (Right)

pancreatic cancer scan
EIS Scanning is capable of reflecting the health/unhealthy conditions and targeting origins rather symptoms:
  1. Cardiovascular risk
  2. Digestive System risks
  3. Cause of Obesity
  4. Chronic Fatigue & Stress
  5. Endocrine/Hormonal Imbalance or Reduced
  6. Uterus/Ovaries or Prostate/Bladder
  7. Depression/sleep disorder
  8. Poor Immune System
  9. Hypovolaemia (Inadequate blood volume)
  10. Low basic metabolism energy (Low ATP), Hypothyroid function
  11. Vertebra/Spinal/Bones/Joints Problem: injury, postural/occupational or abnormal aging related
  12. Respiratory: poor lung/bronchitic function, chronic inflammation/COPD (not the usual respiratory infection).
  13. Evaluation of Risk of Degenerative Diseases

Preventive Screening & Wellness Management

You can rely on the ESG/EIS Scanning for identification of these possible conditions so that remedial action and/or dietary/lifestyle changes can be made to assist the body to return to the optimal homeostasis over 1,2 or 3 months or longer.

You can further rely on the ESG/EIS Scanning to monitor their healing process and healing reactions.

Over the long term, your improvement would be reflected in the follow-up ESG/EIS Scanning.

So the ESG/EIS Scanning Health Monitoring provides short, mid and long term monitoring for better health.

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