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Amushi Beauty & Wellness Center

The center was established on 17th March 2019 with an aim to provide antiaging and wellness services for our clients based on the amalgamation of the advancement of the Western Beauty Technology with the Oriental Traditional Art of Wellness.

Amushi Singapore | 阿慕施新加坡

The mother company, Nutrimax Wellness has been in the wellness business for more than 10 years, helping many to fulfill their inner cleansing & nutritional needs. Now, we believe that it is time for us to have a set of solutions to help ourselves and others to not only feel good inside, but also look good and younger outside. This is to be accomplished without any drastic measures and surgical interventions.

Do pay us a visit to discuss your needs to look younger, and of course, should you need to take care of inner body environment, we are grateful to help. Let us age gracefully through the years and enjoy our life to the fullest!

Take care!

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Amushi Beauty & Wellness Center, Singapore|新加坡阿慕施皮肤管理中心 (Managed by Nutrimax)
390 Victoria St #02-29 Golden Landmark (Opp. Raffles Hospital) Singapore 188061 Tel: 6292 2991, 83338375 (Mobile)