Detox Fasting Camp @ Skudai from 28~30/3/2008

Nutrimax Wellness's staff and friends were at the 3-day fasting camp. Our nutritional consulatant Mr Edwin Low conducted the whole fasting camp, from giving lectures on various health topics, providing consultation on health matters to teaching students to practise yoga. We brought the Electro Interstitial Scanner there to have the biological conditions of the attendees recorded prior to the actual fast. The records will be used to compare with the scans done later to see the effect of the dietary changes and fasting have on the body.

The fasting camp was well received and attended by about 40 students, supporting workers exclusive. Some even witnessed the excretion of clogged stools from their colon. For those miss the camp and want to join us, you can contact Li Xia @ 62922991, 83338375. We're preparing the next session and might be in Singapore.