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JIKE SoyEnergy (No More in Stock)

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Jike SoyEnergy
S$75.00 . 2.5g x 20 sachets

JIKE SoyEnergy contains Oligopeptides - the best peptide money can buy.

This product is from the natural factors extracted from specially selected high quality non-genetically modified soybeans and are active small molecule protein which can be absorbed quickly. It can replenish the body's protein and assist in enhancing physical fitness. 

Molecular weight≤600,purity of protein≥96%,purity of Oligopeptide≥92%,Solubility≈100%,Absorption rate≈100%.
This product is selected by China's Special Forces which needs to rapidly strengthen physical fitness and reduce fatigue after undergoing highly intensive training. It is popular among the soldiers.

Important substance for an Active and Healthy Life.

Protein accounts for 45% of the total body dry matter and 70% of the total muscle. It is the major component for body's cells, tissues and organs. The body's metabolism, immunity against diseases, humoral balance, genetic information transfer and so on are closely related to protein and hence the saying, No Protein is No Life.

Protein: molecular weight> 10,000, formed by ≥ 60 amino acid organic molecules.

Peptides: molecular weight ranging from 1000 to 10000, peptide bonds between 10-60 amino acids molecules.

Oligopeptides: molecular weight <1000, peptide bonds ≤ 10 items link amino acids molecules.


  1. Direct absorption into blood stream and transform into energy. JIKE's High Purity Soybean Oligopeptides is directly absorbed by the intestines without having to go through the digestion process.
  2. 100% water soluble, high thermal stability. JIKE's High Purity Soybean Oligopeptides is a white and fine powder is high thermal stable and can be completely dissolved in water, turning into a "truly soluble" state.
  3. Excellent acid stability. Proteins typically have isoelectric point. In general, protein in solutions will precipitate when the pH value is around 4.5; Soybean Oligopeptides do not have isoelectric point and therefore will not precipitate the solution under the acidic conditions of pH value of 4.5.
  4. Safe to consume. Soybean contains many anti-nutrients, such as trypsin inhibitors, red blood cell agglutinin and anti-vitamin substances. These may be harmful to human body. Soybean Oligopeptides do not contain anti-nutrients, with low tendency to cause allergy, hence it is safe to consume.

Raw Material: Non GMO Soy

Ingredients: Pure Oligopeptide ≥ 92%. Solubility ≈ 100%. NSI value ≈ 100%

Suitable for: People who need to replenish protein quickly and easily

Suggested Use: 2 sachets every time with warm water, once to twice daily.

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