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We provide money-back warranty for all the products sold in the outlets, should you not satisfy with the product(s), you can return the goods (unopened / unused) together with the receipt for a refund within 3 days.
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of Organic Tour

Our prime driving force lies with our firm conviction that health is for everyone and everyone should deserve to know the fact, to make informed decision and to enjoy his/her life to the fullest.


Therefore, since the inception in late 2006, we have been organizing health talks and food demonstration regularly. And as a service to the community, we also provide free consultation on diet and other health related issues.


We're fully aware that highly refined, processed and denaturized foods laced with various man-made chemicals are harmful to our body. This gives us an extraordinary commitment to promote healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. At Nutrimax Wellness, no effort has been spared on information-sharing, as the awareness is the first step towards better health management.


Its true that we're living in the highly urbanised environment and that pollution is inevitable. However, if were careful on our diet, exercise regularly and to lead a healthy lifestyle, we could still be healthy and energetic.


The Singapore Green Tour is part of our effort to show the people that we should love our environment and be kind to our body by leading the natural and organic way of life.


Our mission is to extend the organic healthy lifestyle to average households in Singapore. In line with this, were looking for like-minded people to join our team so that to have more neighborhood outlets in the near future.


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