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Hericium Erinaceus 猴头菇汁



Nerve Growth Factor-Inducing Activity of Hericium Erinaceus (PDF)

Medicinal Uses of Hericium Erinaceus (PDF)

What is Hericium Erinaceus?















Hericium Erinaceus

S$90.00 per 250ml
S$40.00 per 100ml

Main Ingredients: Fresh Hericium erinaceum mushroom, water;

Nature and effect: The fresh basidiocarp of the bear’s head mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) is a naturally nutritious and healthy food, with “one high, three low and one no” (high-protein, low-fat, low-calorie, low-salt, and no side-effect). With special techniques to select seeds and cultivate, all our company’s natural and fresh the bear’s head mushrooms are completely high quality.

The nutrition and effective components included are more abundant than those normally cultivated ones. Besides, the fresh bear’s head mushroom has the equal protein with milk, above 3.4%, and it includes 18 kinds of amino acids (9 of them are necessary of human body), Hericium polysacchaide ,Hericium Polypeptide,Vitamins, minerals, trace elements (Cr, Se, Ge, etc), mushroom fibers, linoleic acid and nucleic acid,all of which are good for human being’s health.

Using natural the bear’s head mushrooms as the original sources, the bear’s head mushroom extract is delicately processed with the patent techniques, and produced as the functional juice. It not only maintains all the nutritious components of natural the bear’s head mushrooms, but also helps people to digest and absorb -- the rate of absorption is over 95%. This product helps to control outburst of many kinds of modern diseases, and improves health of human body. Professionals regard this as “ combined effect of medicine and food”.

Features: The bear’s head mushroom extract is yellow juice with strong mushroom fragrance, soft and sweet taste. It abounds in amino acids, Hericium polysaccharide, polypeptide, and many kinds of vitamins, trace elements, linoleic acid, as well as some materials that can facilitate the growth of neural-unit. This product is also featured with balanced ratio and well-round function. This dissoluble organic liquid is easy for people to digest and absorb, and its main function lies in the integrative effect, which is interacted by various components. It helps to regulate and normalize human body; as a result, the bear’s head mushroom extract exerts a nutritious, protective and curative influence on human being’s heath

The extract has its unique function of “protection and rehabilitation” of digestion system, and helps to cure various kinds of stomach inflammation and ulceration. Through our investigation, the effect is apparently much better than those of dry the bear’s head mushrooms. Through clinical and animal experiments, the result also shows that bear’s head mushroom extract can refresh and strengthen human body.

Moreover, the bear’s head mushroom extract has good impact on sugar decompensation, radiation-resistance, and anti-constipation. Therefore, it is widely applicable. Those people, who suffer from dyspepsia, intestine and stomach trouble, cancers of digestive tract, weakness, diabetes and neurasthenic problem, are especially suitable to drink. The bear’s head mushroom extract is undoubtedly the ideal naturally nutritious healthy drink for human beings in the 21st century.

Preservation period: 18 months

Uniqueness: There is no exactly same product in the domestic and foreign market. Compared with similar products, the uniqueness of the bear’s head mushroom extract goes as follows: naturally fresh mushroom as original sources, well-round nutrition, excellent functions and innovative techniques, with the patent Number: ZL 94 1 00598.4.

Preservation methods and notices:
* When sealed, place it in shade and cool indoor location, temperature is between 10-15 degress celsius without sunshine.
* When unsealed, place it in the refrigerator, and finish it within one week.

Drink Instructions


1. How much to take
* For health maintenance: once a day, better before breakfast, every time 30-50 ml diluted in 2 to 3 times more warm water
* For curing diseases: twice or three times a day before meals, every time 40-60 ml diluted in 2 or 3 times more warm water. At least for 30 days.
* Please shake before use.

2. Best time to take
* Right after get up 30-60 minuets before breakfast,
* Stomach friendly food product, take it with empty stomach for best results.

3.Temperature control
* For cold resistant type of stomach: take it with mixed warm water, For those are not comfortable with mushroom fragrance, a little amount of honey is recommended. DO NOT MIX WITH MILK which will reduce the effectiveness of the product.
* In general, this product can be taken during the room temperature around the year.

4. Read carefully if take it at night
* For better sleep result if you have hard time to go into sleep, take it right before sleep with the amount recommended above, too hot or too cold is not recommended.
* If you don’t have any sleeping issue, please take it 1-2 hours before dinner.

5. First time user with enforcement amount
* First time user might experience some degree of diarrhea (have loose bowels) within a few hours after taking the product. This is a normal process of cleaning up for constipation, DO NOY stop taking the product, continuously use will put your body in normal condition very soon, there is nothing to be worried about.
* This product is Whole-Mushroom Cell Type of produced by applying special technologies, which preserved with abundant nutrition of its own; it appears to be very thick/dense liquid, PLEASE SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.

6. Important Notes
* Consult with your Doctor first if you have any allergy to mushroom products before taking the product.
* If you know your body is very sensitive to all new food products, please consult with your Doctor before taking this product.

7. How to take for protective purpose
* Apply this product 30 minutes before taking any type of wines, alcohol or liquor can dramatically reduce the uncomfortable feelings cause to stomach;
* Apply this product after eating extremely spicy and hot in nature foods can greatly reduce the heart-burning feelings of stomach and heart;

8. Bridge between body and medicines
* Due to the special positive functionalities of this product to digestive system of human body, it enhances absorptivity of the medicines that one takes while eases the uncomfortable reactions caused by the very medicine.
* Watch your diet balance after starting use this product,

9. Anti-fatigue and fast-recovery
* In low activity circumstance, take it every 2 hours can sustain body without decreasing performance; in special occasions, two bottles can well provide all necessary supply for human body for two more days.
* For better and faster result, take 50ml when feel exhausted, 30-60 minutes will produce totally refreshed, energetic and revitalized feelings.

10. Editor’s comments
This produce is being identified as neo-mushroom liquid food which is differentiated from animal foods and plant foods. Edible mushrooms have been explored for human health greatly due to the development of modern technologies in recently years. Hericium erinaceum mushroom is a new star among them. It has been used for the treatment of dyspepsia, gastric ulcer and enervation as a Chinese medicine in China for hundred of years. Recently, Hericium erinaceum has been reported to show antitumor action and antidiabetic activity in Japanese scientist studies. Furthermore, the special elements, hericenones and erinacines that isolated from Hericium erinaceum have potent stimulating activity for nerve growth factor (NGF) synthesis. Researches on components of mushroom (Hericium erinaceum) and their biological activities in cell culture demonstrated positive antidementia results in the laboratory and have been confirmed by analogous results in human use as well.

How to utilize this abundant nutrition product that nature brings to us is today’s challenge not only for experts, but also for those whom take their health seriously enough to step forward against current unfavorable environmental conditions. It’s up to each individual to make the decision, to feel the best way to balance in their daily diet. The more you consume, doesn’t mean the better you will get. What type of lifestyle you want to live with is a personal call and we now represent the best nature product possible for you in hoping that you can make the best of it for yourself. Be well, and be well informed.

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