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Organic Coffee for Enema: Cafe Colon/Cafe Trinity

Coffee Enema Kit

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    Product of Japan
    Volume: 155g
    S$7.90 per can
    Cleansing Bag: S$19.50

    Main ingredients:
    EM-X (100% natural antioxidant drink), Acidophilus generated extract, Oligo acid, 100% Organic coffee beans, Rebirth sea salt, Bay of Suruga deep sea water.

    Coffee with adequate density to improve bowel condition is mixed with deep sea water, acidophilus generated extract, oligo and mineral.

    Q & A

    Q1 What is Cafe Trinity?
    Composition of organic coffee beans, EM-X, oligo acid and mineral that increase good bacteria and create good bowel condition.

    Q2 I suffer from stubborn constipation. How should I use it?
    If you suffer from stubborn constipation without regular bowel movement, you can combine the use of CafeCOLON with laxative. But you should reduce the amount of drug and continue colon cleaning.

    Q3 I don’t seem to be able to inject all the liquid, and some of it leaks during the process.
    The solid feces do get in the way or fecal impaction can narrow the gut tube. First, try to get feces out, for example, by making the pipe spin, and then clean the colon.

    Q4 Should I do it everyday?
    You should do it at regular intervals during the first few weeks and then do it according to your need. We have meals everyday. The food scum and undigested substance rot in large intestine at temperature of 36.5℃. It is important to keep your colon clean just like gargling to clean your throat.

    Q5 Only the fluid comes out.
    If there are not any faces when the liquid is injected, only the fluid can come out. But the liquid washes the crud in the bowel wall away and bring the normal condition of intestine. You may have discharge several times. Massage is the key. Then you can relax and discharge.

    Q6 Can the liquid reach the stomach?
    It cleans the left side of colon that needs cleaning. The liquid does not go to the stomach or to the small intestine where the cleaning is not necessary. You don’t have to worry about any physical strain.

    Q7 When do I see the change?
    It depends on individuals. Some people can feel the difference in a week or two, but for others it may take a little longer before they can feel the change.

    Q8 Is it addictive and disrupt normal bowel movement?
    It is not addictive because it does not contain any drugs. By colon cleaning feces is broken and discharged with the scum in bowel wall. Intestinal function gradually improves and you have normal bowel movement back.

    Q9 I don’t suffer from constipation. Should I do colon cleaning?
    Even if you have bowel movement everyday, some crud remains in fold of bowel and bowel wall. You should discharge feces before it rots in large intestine to keep good body metabolism without any toxins being formed.

    Our colon gets soiled due to lifelong habit. It takes several months or years to recover from such damage. Let’s have clean colon and normal bowel function without drugs or surgery.

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