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Herbalist Hilde Hemmes' latest book is about detoxifying the body and is aptly titled Detox and Live. "We are the generation that is exposed to more chemical and toxic pollution than any in history," said Hilde. "We are also the same generation that ingests a daily diet of processed foods, refined sugars, caffeine, additives, preservatives, steroids, penicillin, alcohol, nicotine, and a whole host of other toxins. This toxic cocktail serves no purpose in the human body and needs to be cleaned out. It is obvious that if you have fewer toxins to contend with, you will have more energy, more vitality, less weight and be in better health."

Losing weight, cleansing your liver and a 'quick detox' are just some of the popular easy-to-follow programs in Detox and Live. Hilde Hemmes' successful programs are based around simple juice therapy. "Organic juices are the cleansers of the human system. They purify the blood, get rid of accumulated toxins from the cells and help in the production of new cells. Organic juices will supply you with all of these positive effects and restore the acid-alkaline balance of your system, without the use of drugs or artificial vitamin supplements."

Detox and Live explains why we need to detox, what effects various foods have on our bodies and the food additives one should avoid, together with comprehensive but simple programs devised to jump-start our way back to health and vitality.

Detox and Live is illustrated by artist Pro Hart, with a foreword by Professor Michael Tyler A.O., an eminent world authority on frogs and their sensitivity to man-made pollutants.