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Propolis Efficacy


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Propolis Efficacy

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Studies On pubmed.gov

- Protective effects of propolis on inorganic mercury induced oxidative stress in mice

- Brazilian Propolis Suppresses Angiogenesis...

- Experimental diabetic nephropathy can be prevented by propolis...

- Potential antidiabetic and hypolipidemic effects of propolis extract...

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Medical science conforms the ancient wisdom, and agrees that propolis can:

Improve Immune System
Professor S. Scheller, in the Institute for Microbiology at the Medical Academy in Poland found that propolis is able to stimulate the immune system. It stimulates the formation of antibodies to build body resistance to many diseases.
The study also concluded that propolis is non toxic.

Treat Burns
In treating second degree burns, research showed that propolis cream gave about the same result as currently prescribed cream. But, propolis cream reduce patient's inflammation and lead to a faster healing.
It is believed that the presence of arginine in propolis help to stimulate enzyme systems, cell metabolism, circulation, collagen formation and improved healing of burn wounds.

Increase Fertility
One study on women with infertility and endometriosis indicated that consumption of 500mg of propolis twice daily resulted in pregnancy rate of 60% as opposed to 20% for women not given propolis.

Potential Cancer Drug
A report published in the Cancer Research (Sep 15,93;53 1482-88) stated that caffeic acids in propolis might help prevent colon cancer.

Another study done in 1990 showed propolis chemicals to act against ovary cancer in hamster and sarcoma-type tumors in mice.

Bowel Problems
Propolis can also benefit patients suffering from inflammatory bowel problems like Chron's disease and ulceration colitis.

Dental care
Propolis mouthwash used after an oral surgery appears to shorten the healing time. Another study done in 1986 proposed propolis as a valuable subsidiary treatment for gum infection and plague.

It is also used in dental surgery as natural and safe disinfectant.

Protecting Liver
Two studies done in 1986 and 1987 showed that propolis is able to protect liver against alcohol and tetrachloride.

Improve Antibiotic Effectiveness
Australian scientists, E.L Ghisalberti of the Department of Organic Chemistry at the University of Western Australia showed that propolis increases the effectiveness of penicillin or other antibiotics from 10 to 100 folds.

This discovery  is hoped to help reduce the number of side effects associated with antibiotics and lower the over dependency on antibiotics by doctors.

Other medical benefits of propolis
Studies done in rats and mice had shown that concentrated propolis given to the animals reduces blood pressure, produces sedative effect as well as protects the liver and stomach against tetrachloride and ulcers.  All these were achieved without any side effects.



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