What is Dr PPARs


y50% of Women Are At Risk Of Bone Cancer



Absorption from external calcium supplements is only 18-23%. Absorption of food calcium and calcium from Micro-Algae is 90-95%.

Calcium In Dr PPARs is 290 -325 mg.

PPAR Agonist promotes balancing of the body by nourishing the GENES of Important Cells, directing the rest of the body to heal itself.

Micro-Algae also offer a full range of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients—they possess the densest nutrient composition of any food. They are the best food source of beta-carotene and provide both the cis and trans forms of this important antioxidant as well as the less commonly known carotenes xanthophyll and zeaxanthin. Additionally, algae offer remarkable amounts of iron and vitamin B12, making them very beneficial in a vegetarian diet.

Algae are photosynthesis powerhouses, containing more chlorophyll than any other source. This pigment’s cleansing and healing effects have been documented in a multitude of studies, and it is largely responsible for algae’s ability to detoxify heavy metals and other toxins in the body. 

Being a complete or balanced functional food, sometimes, there are really no fixed dosages.
You don't even have to worry about taking Dr PPARs with or without foods nor with drugs. All you need is clean water. When you ingest Dr PPARs, you systemically receive holistic actions & perfect ratios.

They are known for the concerted effort and synergy between its vitamins and minerals that your body needs for ample assimilation. The way Mother Nature manufactures vitamins and nutrients in plants can never be replicated by a factory & it will never be possible.
Usually, taking isolated vitamins after a period will become ineffective. This is because the liver can only be ‘lied’ to for this long. Before processed foods, humans ate only whole foods.

Calcium and Iron tablets from a factory must never be consumed together because it will be toxic but you can eat them together when it is from Mother Nature. Nutritionally speaking, a small amount of vitamin C occurring in green pepper is abundantly more functional than 1,000 mg of ascorbic acid from a bottle.

Vitamin C in the form of a whole food product contains rutin, bioflavonoids, Vitamin E, selenium and zinc that Mother Nature dictated is needed for Vitamin C to work optimally in our body. All these complementary compounds are present in whole food sources of Vitamin C (e.g., green peppers, oranges, rose hips, acerola cherries). By eating only an isolated supplement with just ascorbic acid or by juicing an orange and throwing away the pulp and peel, one is missing all the above necessary compounds. When eating oranges, rose hips, acerola cherries or algae, the body absorbs all the whole food nutrients at once and begins the holistic healing process immediately. Whole food nutrients are more efficient and totally holistic, while isolated supplements may be naturally derived but not completely holistic in function.

Many supplements are tested in short-term studies (e.g., 6 months to a year) and show great promise. So, everyone jumps on the bandwagon and must have this new great product.

When comparing the MDR, RDA or prescribed therapeutic dosages of supplements to whole foods, one must look at real results in terms of absorption and utilization in the body, not allopathic dosages.

It's like comparing the benefits of apples to oranges. For example, if one takes a 1000 mg isolated calcium supplement and multiplies by the absorption rate of 25%, one utilizes only 250 mg of the supplemental calcium. However, whole food products have a 90-98% absorption rate because they contain all the complementary vitamins (i.e., Vitamin D), minerals (i.e., magnesium), amino acids, enzymes, etc. that are needed to make calcium work. So, from a whole food product 95% X 350 mg, one will absorb 333 mg of the calcium from the whole food product. Since 333 mg absorption is better than 250 mg from the isolated supplement, a whole food product containing "only" 350 mg calcium is better than an isolated supplement that has 1000 mg calcium in it.

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