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High Performance Multi-Purpose Food Processor/Blender


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Excalibur Food Dehydrator

This processor can crush the cereal to release the nutrients within the cellular walls in seconds and turn grains (with hot water) into steaming porridge or rice milk within 4 minutes! No Cooking Is Required! Ideal for baby meal, elders and those require to ingest nutrient- & fibre-rich food in liquid form for easy assimilation!

High Power Food Processor
S$1,250.00 per unit with accessories
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Product Specification:

  • Brand Name: Easy Way
  • Horse Power: 3.5 Peak with 38,000 rpm: highest in its class
  • The motor unit is made in Germany with 10-year warranty!
  • All other parts come with 1 year warranty for normal use
  • One-touch monitor
  • LED display
  • Microcomputer Auto Control
  • Multi-purpose: fresh juice, soybean milk, grain powder, dressings, smoothies
  • Break Plant & Grain Cell Wall Instantaneously: make perfect, nutritionally-rich beverages and retain wholesome cellulose
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 51 Food Equipment Material
  • Available in 220V or 110V. Please specify when order


This processor can make the following wholesome food within minutes!

Home Made High Fiber Juice
High fiber vegetable & fruit juice
Home Made Green Juice
Nutritious green juice
Home Made Cereal Beverage
Soy milk
Home Made Nut Paste
Nut paste (peanut, almond etc)
Home Made Sauce
Home made wholesome sauce

Home Made Soya Milk
Fruit Smoothies

Product Features:

  • Microcomputer control timer to automatically stop the processor precisely every time.
  • Touch panel with LED display: advanced technology, easy control and user friendly.
  • Commercial-grade container: 2,000cc capacity, food-grade plastic material approved by NSF/FDA.
  • Container and stirrer are made of food-grade materials that can withstand frost, heat and break resistance.
  • Commercial-Grade High Performance Motor with Overheating Thermal Protection: 3.5 horse power with 38,000 rpm maximum. Professional ventilation and airflow design for heavy uses.
  • Long-Life Stainless steel base, Germany-made bearing and tungsten blades.
  • GS, CE, UL and BSMI approved.
  • Preserve The Wholesome Nutrients: the fruit pulp and peel are perfectly crushed instantly, thus retaining the full nutrients and made the fiber more palatable and easily ingestible.
  • All-In-One Appliance: easy to use and suitable for many applications.
  • It is ideal for making wholesome fruit and vegetable juices, hot soybean and rice milk, delicious icy smoothies, rich hot soups, herbal soups. It can be used as a fine miller for dried cereals, nuts, and coffee beans.

Have question? Talk to us or call 62922991, 83338375

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