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Hilde Hemmes Herbal Products



For health generally:
Swedish Bitter

For skin, kidney and bladder:
Birch Tea

For Detox:
- Breuss BLT Mix
- Kidney Tea
- Sage Tea
- LivaDetoxer

For indigestion, excessive perspiration and sore throat:
- Sage Tea

For juice fasting support:
- Organic Vegetable Broth
- LivaDetoxer

For gastrointestinal health:
Camomile Teabags

For urinary tract health:
Cranberry capsules

For bile flow and liver cells:
Dandelion Teabags

For prevention of cell damage and assist peripheral circulation:
Grape Seed Extract

For healthy cardiovascular, circulatory and heart function:
Hawthorn capsules

For general well-being and healthy kidney function:
Kidney Teabags

For cough and chronic gastritis:
Liquorice Teabags

For fevers, blood pressure and healthy cardiovascular:
Olive Leaf Extract

For digestive disorders:
Peppermint Tea

For normal prostate and urinary tract function:
ProstaLobium© Plus

For mood swings:
St John's Wort

For rheumatic conditions and normal urinary tract function:
Stinging Nettle Tea












About Hilde Hemmes Herbal Supplies...

The Hilde Hemmes is Australia's leading therapeutic herbal tea manufacturer, taking pride in being independent, competitive, flexible, fully integrated, yet able to meet consumer requirements. Born from a background and knowledge in herbs, Hilde Hemmes is the creative and inspirational energy behind the company.

Hilde has made a significant contribution to the Australian herbal industry as pioneer of Swedish Bitters - a multi-purpose tonic, and the herb epilobium (now known as ProstaLobium®) for the treatment of prostate enlargement. Hilde and her family's commitment to herbalism is still as strong as it was when the company was founded in 1985.

In recent years the popularity of herbal medicine has become one of the fastest growing sectors of the complementary healthcare market.

You can confidently enjoy the efficacious benefits of our herbal range.

Hilde Hemmes' Detox Program

Birch Tea

Breuss BLT Mix

Camomile Teabags

Dandelion Teabags

Dead Nettle Herb
Dead Nettle Herb

Herba Diuretica
Herba Diuretica

Laxative Teabags
Laxative Teabags

Liquorice Teabags

Kidney Tea
Kidney Tea

Spring Klenz
Spring Klenz Teabags

Stinging Nettle
Stinging Nettle Teabags

St John's Wort Teabags


Hawthorn Capsules

Hilde Hemmes' Swedish Bitters
Swedish Bitters

organic vegetable broth
Organic Vegetable Broth

Herbs and Health

Local Delivery Service Available!

For orders above SG$180, delivery will be free of charge.

Overseas order will be sent via post or courier service, please ask for quote.


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