Nutrimax Wellness supplies organic products for healthy living
Your Health Is Our Concern
Biotta: premium organic juices that rejuvenate. From Switzerland .

Trans fat-free organic biscuits with healthy ingredients and high in dietary fibre

Yogurt starter kit for wholesome home-made yogurt. Yogurt DIY.

Organic honey, jams, molasses, oligosaccharide and natural sugar substitutes

Organic soy sauces and natural flavourings

Organic aloe vera juice, digestive and functional enzymes and artichoke juice

Organic cold-pressed olive oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, pure sesame oils and coconut oil.

Organic beans and pulses

Beverages: oat, sesame, wild yam, black bean, job’s tears, brown rice, mixed varieties

Water filters

Organic brown rice and noodles

High Quality Supplements

Various kind of organic vinegars for drinking and for cooking

Hand-made soaps and natural cleansers

Sea salts and Himalayan mountain salt

Organic and natural body and hair care

Organic Herbals teas

Nuts and raisins

Dietary fibre and detox programs

We deliver to your doorstep In Singapore.