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NitroVar is a Macrobiotic Raw Food in powder form that encourages healthy cellular growth and cell division. It is made of young broccoli sprouts, young asparagus sprouts, cloves, grape skin, blackberries seeds, pear seeds, plum seeds and prune seeds. All ingredients are grown and harvested in the USA.

Okinawa Island and it's people

Known as the "Village of Long Life", Okinawa is the largest island in the Japanese Ryukyu archipelago extending about 1,046km between Kyushu and Taiwan.

Its inhabitants are the world renown Okinawans which are one of the longest living populations in the world.

According to evidence based clinical studies by the prestigious Harvard Medical School, Okinawans have the longest life expectancy due primarily to their diet rather than genes.

Upon closer scrutiny, it was discovered by medical experts that the Okinawans consume macrobiotic raw food.

This type of raw food is relatively unheard of in the west. Little do the medical professionals know that the holy grail to longevity had been discovered.

In Greek, Macrobiotic means "Long Life" or Life Extension. Okinawans's daily macrobiotic raw foods consist of raw or very lightly cooked / steamed fresh vegetables, naturally ripened fruits & berries, fermented soy, raw unmilled grains with minimal amount of meat and no dairy products.

Experts also noticed that cancers of all types were surprisingly rare & almost none existant amongst the Okinawans. The incidences of other degenerative & immune related diseases were also equally low despite the medical facr that a very large number of the Okinawan Island population comprises of senior citizens.

All of its inhabitants live to a ripeful age.

No added preservatives & additives
NitroVar's peak freshness is maintained by:

  • Cell Wall Membrane Breaking Technology: Breaks down and kills all bacteria using harmless ultrasonic radio waves & ultrasonic radiowave & ultraviolet light during processing. Therefore, no preservatives are required

  • Silica packs and double lids

  • Upon opening, refrigerate and use within 30 days

  • Press all the air out from the aluminium zip lock bag and zip bag tightly

Contains naturally occuring sugar only
NitroVar has less than 0.1g of naturally occurring sugar per serving from natural ingredients like grapes, pear, plums and prune seeds. Natural lemon flavoring is used to give a pleasant taste. May be mixed with other antioxidants / Enzymes / Biotta juices.

Composition / Mode of Action:

  • Histone Acetylase and Sulforaphane Glucosinolate from Broccoli Sprouts - Improves phase 1 & 2 liver detox enzymes. Prevents activation of cancer genes

  • Gluthathione from Asparagus Sprouts - Binds with all fat soluble cancer toxins

  • Eugenin / Eugenol from Cloves - Inhibits cancer / inflammatory signaling pathway COX-2

  • Anthocyanins from Whole Grapes with seeds - Inhibits cancer spreading pathway WnT. Increases cancer self destruction by increasing protein CiP1/P21 in cancer cells

  • Cyanidin-3-Glucoside from Blackberries seeds - Inhibits angiogenesis (spreading of cancer) by inhibiting cancer signaling pathways

  • B17 Nitrilosides from Pear, Plum and Prune seeds / skin - Natural food based chemotherapy that selectively targets and destroys cancer cells WITHOUT harming healthy cells. B17 can differentiate between malignant and non-malignant cells

Clinical Observations/ Results

Cancer Type Effectiveness of NitroVar Estimated New Cases in USA Estimated Deaths in USA
Breast Very Effective 182,460 40,480
Colon Very Effective 148,810 49,960
Lymphoma Very Effective 66,120 19,160
Bladder Effective 68,810 14,100
Endometrial Effective 40,100 7,470
Kidney Effective 46,232 11,059
Lung Effective 215,020 161,840
Prostate Effective 186,320 28,660
Thyroid Effective 37,340 1,590
Leukemia Not Effective 44,270 21,710
Pancreatic Not Effective 37,680 34,290

* Sinus : 2-3 days on high dose
* Asthma : 3-4 weeks on high dose
* Eczema : 7-10 days on high dose
* Lupus : 3-4 weeks on high dose
* Rheumatoid Arthritis : 3-4 weeks on high dose
* Psoriasis : 6-8 weeks on high dose

* Editor's note: this is based on the information supplied. Currently, we're not able to verify the effectiveness.

Suitable For:

  • Children above 12 years old

  • Long term daily consumption for all cancer patients - may be used during chemotherapy, radiation treatment

  • Immune related challenges patients

  • Age related degenerative diseases patients

Local Delivery Service Available!

For orders above SG$180, delivery will be free of charge.

Overseas order will be sent via post or courier service, please ask for quote.


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