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Scientific Name- Beta-D-Ribosfuranose Ribose is a naturally occurring sugar made in the body from glucose and is an essential component of ATP (adenosoine triphosphate), the compound that stores and delivers energy in all cells. Ribose also occurs in RNA (ribonucleic acid), one of the main information-carriers of living organisms.

Ribose taken orally is used to increase muscle function recovery, athletic performance, to boost muscle tissue energy, to enhance the effectiveness of creatine, and to replenish ATP stores.

Ribose has been used for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, improve exercise tolerance, maintain or increase energy stores in the heart or muscle cells, and improve quality of life in individuals with reduced heart blood flow.

Ribose is beneficial to prevent symptoms such as cramping, pain, and stiffness after exercise. In humans, after intense exercise, muscle ATP is significantly lower, therefore taking and using ribose regularly showed marked improvement and recovery of ATP.

D-ribose is likely very safe and well tolerated. Scientific literature and papers written on D-ribose date back as early as 1955.

Dosage for D-ribose shows that up to 15 grams (equals 15,000mg) per day was well tolerated. Benefits were extremely good as compared to any side
effects to ribose as this dosage daily.

Interactions with Herbs and other Supplements- none known interactions with Drugs-mild and minor if any.

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