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Palitalia Singapore

Palitalia Singapore is a company that specializes in great Italian wines. Reaching out to the many provinces in Italy, Palitalia is the representative of 48 wineries.

Having over 1600 labels of Italian wines, the company has been around in the Asia Pacific market since 1990, constantly doing its best to promote the rich Italian wine and now, the Redoro olive oils.

Palitalia live with a philosophy: Wine, a pleasure of life. We believe that it is an art form, for it is the oldest nectar known to man and its charming millinery tradition should never be ignored. Thus, with the diverse range of wine we have, we aim to expose great Italian wine for everyone to appreciate!

Products: Excellent Italian Wines , Grappa, Liquor and Olive Oil

The Mission: To be the bridge between Italian Wines and the World. culture to the Asian public.