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Olive Oil Production

The entire production cycle of REDORO Extra-virgin olive oil complies with the best and most traditional processing methods.

The range of products that REDORO proposes to consumers and restaurateurs is extremely vast: besides the extra-virgin oil of INTEGRAL quality, obtained from olives cultivated at the top of the hills in compliance with the most typical climatic characteristics, there is for example, the extra-virgin olive oil of LOCAL quality, of the sweet and full taste, with slight almond after-taste; the extra-virgin olive oil of EXTRA quality instead, is particularly delicate and of slightly fruity flavour, excellent for the best Mediterranean cuisine of every day. In addition to these products, there is also the range of extra-virgin olive oils of the "Antico Frantoio" line, among which we find the SOFT, INTEGRAL AND PERLAROL qualities; always in the most typical production areas.

REDORO also offers the biological lines, which include products such as: the extra-virgin olive oil of BIOLOGICAL quality, the infusions (lemon, basil, rosemary and chilli) in biological extra-virgin olive oil, in addition to a complete range of olive pastes and biological vegetables in oil that supplement the range.

The olives destined to the production of REDORO extra-virgin olive oil cultivated on the Venetian hills, come from typical varieties of the area such as Nostrano, Favarol and Grignano; of which, only high quality ones, 100% ITALIAN AND FREE OF GMO, are picked by hand or rakes, following the most typical traditions. Transferred the same day to the oil mill, the olives are carefully selected and only the best and healthier ones are subject to grinding, according to a technological advanced process, under controlled temperatures that do not exceed 27° C.