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Plum Juice and Plum Vinegar Recipe


Bonjoy Longan Honey Vinegar

Bonjoy Ume Plum Syrup

Bonjoy Ume Plum Vinegar

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Cabbage and Gherkin (Small Cucumber) Pickle

Ingredients::Purple cabbage and small cucumber; Bonjoy Ume Plum Vinegar and Syrup mix to one taste.


  1. Wash cabbage and cucumber thoroughly and slice into fine strip.
  2. Mix the vegetable strips with Ume Plum vinegar and syrup and it is ready to serve
  3. Store in the fridge for 10 minutes to improve the taste, if necessary.

Ume Plum Sandwiches

Slice purple cabbage and pumpkin into fine slices, blend in the Ume Plum vinegar followed by Ume Plum syrup. Use it for sandwiches.

Purple Cabbage Pickle

Pumpkin Pickle

Ume and Miso Bean Thread

Ingredients:Broad green thread, one small cucumber and 50g of carrot.

Sauce:Ume plum miso 15g, ume plum vinegar 15cc, wasabi little and some water.


  1. Soak the broad green thread in hot water to soften it and dry it, then blend in 5cc of Ume plum vinegar.
  2. Blend in 10cc of Ume vinegar into a bowl of cucumber and carrot strips.
  3. Add item 2 into 1, then blend in Ume miso, wasabi and a little bit of water.

Root Vegetable Boil

Ingredients: radish 200g, carrot 200g, potato 200g, yam 200g, beetroot 100g

Seasoning:Ume plum vinegar 30cc, low-salt soy sauce 1 teaspoon, sesame oil 30cc.


  1. Slice all the ingredients into cube and store separately
  2. Steam for 15 minutes and blend in the seasoner.
  3. Add more soy sauce (if necessary) and serve.




A:Slice kohirabi into fine strips or pieces, blend in Ume plum vinegar and then Ume plum syrup.

B:Slice kohirabi into fine strips or pieces, blend in Ume plum miso, wasabi and black pepper.

C:Slice kohirabi into fine strips or pieces, blend in Umpe red yeast sauce, basil and black pepper.

Noodle with ume plum vinegar and ume red yeast sauce

Blend noodle with ume plum vinegar, basil, black pepper, gherkin strips. That's it!

* replace noodle with tomato, it becomes another dish.

Kelp Bud Delight

Kombu Pickle

Ingredients: Kelp buds, carrot, cabbage, purple cabbage.

Seasoning:Ume plum vinegar, ground old ginger, black and white sesame.


  1. Soak kelp bud for about 5 to 7 minutes, it will expand about 10 to 15 times. Sieve dry.
  2. Add in a little of ume plum vinegar to neutralize the small and add in the ground old ginger to bring out the fragrance.
  3. Cut carrot, cabbage and purple cabbage into fine strips and blend a little bit of ume plum vinegar.
  4. Mix 2 into 1, and add in black and white sesame.

Guava Capriccio

Guava Pickle

Ingredients: guava, yellow, red and green peppers, all cut into pieces.

Sauce: ume plum vinegar, ume plum miso, wasabi, ground old ginger, black pepper, chilli, soy sauce and sesame seeds.

* The above sauce can be used for tomato salad.

Konjac Jelly Appetizer

Ingredients: 1 piece of Konjac Jelly, cut into strips, ume plum 30g.

Seasoning: Ume plum syrup 60cc, ume plum vinegar 30cc.

Mix the ingredients and seasoning together to serve.



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