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The Breuss Cancer Cure: 42 Days Juice Fast

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Breuss 42-Day Juice Fasting Program.
This book has sold over 900,000 copies, been translated into five languages, and claims to have led to over 45,000 testimonials from cured sufferers. Both the book and the diet are still actively being used after all these years!

"An estimated 40,000 cancer patients and others suffering from seemingly incurable illnesses have regained their health through my juice treatment. If patients are given medications which destroy cancer cells, the healthy cells will unfortunately be destroyed as well. In my opinion, cancer cells are not ill body cells, but just autonomous cancer cells. These cells can live only from substances contained in the foods we eat but they are not able to live on vegetable juices."

A cancerous tumor is an independent growth which produces independent cells. In a way it cannot be classed as a disease. Naturally, this tumor presses on the endogenous cells and disturbs them, which is the actual illness. Therefore, we must destroy the cancerous cells by starving them with the juice fast. That is my opinion which I have gained from experience and I can prove it a thousand times over."

Breuss, a naturopathic practitioner, developed a 42-day juice fasting program to nourish the body but starve cancer.

The Breuss Treatment is so effective because it deals with cancer and other chronic diseases by cleansing the whole system. The liquids used during the fast are rich in vitamins and minerals, keeping the body nourished; meanwhile, the metabolism is allowed to get back into balance; finally, a deep detoxification process eliminates whatever poisons, abnormalities and wastes are present in the body.

Breuss put his patients on a juice fast which not only removes the metabolic waste but frees the cell and membrane from the protein build-up which suffocates the cell, preventing proper oxygenation.

As Dr. Kuhl explains : The body, fighting for survival, wants to regain its health. It works desperately to reorganize the damaged tissue. To do this it produces the growth substance, lactic acid. But when the level of lactic acid growth becomes toxic, the cells are driven to multiply but not mature. The by-product formed by this struggle is a malignant tumor. The immature cells have failed to develop breathing capacity.

Dr. Kuhl's theory is, in keeping with isopathy, that the cure should fit the disease. We can help by applying the isopathic principle through the use of small therapeutic quantities of lactic acid. This treatment drains off the pathologically stored lactic acid (D-) inside the body with lactic acid produced by fermentation outside the body (L+) and then administered in therapeutic measure.

Because the development of the carcinogenic process, that is the degeneration of the growth and tumorous proliferation, is being fed by protein, during this treatment protein intake is stopped, because there is no protein in the daily diet. But since the organism is unable to live without protein, the protein-starved blood cells attack everything nonessential, such as growths, waste matter and boils. This is akin to an operation without a knife, which the red blood corpuscles accomplish meticulously.


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