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Why Host a Dinner?

Hosting a dinner is easy-and so much fun!  Plus, you get rewarded just for opening your home and allowing us to cook for you.  We'll cook an entire dinner for you and your friends with absolutely no obligation! 

We bring the food, do all the cleaning AND reward the hostess with a very special gift from Saladmaster.  All you need to do is invite the friends and supply the beverages.   It will be a night to remember!

Help "Change Lives" with Saladmaster.  Contact us now or by calling 62922991 to book your dinner party today.  *

5 simple steps for hosting a successful dinner...

  1. Complete your guest list. With a list of ten names, you will be able to contact potential guests until you have the number of qualified couples needed to receive your gift. Be sure to invite one extra couple, just in case.
  2. Invite your guests. Your guests are going to be interested in what they are attending. When you invite them, let them know that the Saladmaster Health and Nutrition program is designed to “enhance” their lifestyle through proper food preparation.
  3. Contact us so that we can do everything possible to help you receive your Saladmaster gift. As your guests commit to attending, do let us know who is attending. Your dinner gift can then be released.
  4. Prepare for your dinner. All we ask from you on the night of your dinner is that you furnish the beverages and have a couple of bowls and utensils handy. We will arrive at your home 30 minutes ahead of time to help greet guests as they arrive.
  5. Enjoy your night out of the kitchen! You are the King and Queen for the night. On your dinner, please relax and let us do all the work. You deserve a night out of the kitchen. We will do everything we can to ensure everyone has a fun and entertaining time.

* Alternatively, the dinner can be hosted at our premises.

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