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Saladmaster Solutions Ti


Saladmaster Solutions Ti is another step forward in positioning Saladmaster as the “Integrity” leader in our industry. Saladmaster continues to invest in technology that truly enhances performance, value, and benefits for your family.

The 436 stainless steel exterior provides the ultimate for induction and all other heat producing technologies.

The multi-layered Thermal Core center of heat conducting aluminum provides the maximum heating transfer possible to ensure the highest standard for even heating performance up the sides and across the bottom is met.

The most important layer on Saladmaster is the layer that touches your food. Saladmaster uses 316Ti technology that combines 316 Stainless Steel with Titanium. Saladmaster is the only cooking system to use 316Ti steel made from steel mills in the US and Switzerland. This advancement provides you the peace of mind, that when you are preparing meals for your family, you are using the cleanest, safest materials available in the world today.

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