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Herbal Capsule For Muscle Relaxation and Blood Circulation


Halal Certified TCM Herbal Products

For Healthy Eyes and micro-circulation

For Muscle Relaxation and Blood Circulation

For Constipation

For Memory and Concentration

For Immune System

For For Relieving Fatigue And Restore Vital Energy

For Cough & Phlegm

For Strengthening Immune System

For Body Recovery From Weakness

To Revitalize Energy

For Strengthening Liver

Circulation Herbal Formula

For Relaxing Muscles
Expelling wind and dampness, relaxing muscles and tendons to promote blood circulation. Used to treat rheumatic pains; reduce swelling and relieve pain in the joint and muscles; relieve stiffness and numbness of limbs; and relieve backache and lumbago.

Kapsul Shujin Huoxue
Untuk Melegakan Sengal Badan
Menghapuskan “Angin” (dalam badan). Mencegah rasa bisa-bisa dan sengal badan. Melancar perjalanan darah. Melegakan sakit arthritis rheumatik. Mengurangkan bengkak dan sakit sendi, dan masalah kebas di tangan dan kaki. Melegakan sakit pinggang.

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