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The Elanra Ionisers (No more available)


We Breathe, So We Live...

Elanra All Models

Elanra MKII Therapeutic Ioniser

Elanra MKIII Portable Ioniser

Elanra Air Personal Personal Pendant

Elanra Replacement Needles

How To Replace Elanra's Needles?











Elandra MK II
Elanra Air

Compact and fully portable for use in the car, airplane, or hospital

Incorporates up to 144 configurations to support specific health condiitons

Compact personal pendant for unrestricted use at work or school, in the car, hospital, or airplane

One of its kind
The Elanra medical ioniser is the only ioniser available today capable of generating the small negative ions of oxygen that can be inhaled to enter the bloodstream and produce biologically beneficial effects.

These small negative ions are identical to ions found in the invigorating natural environments such as the seashore, alpine regions, forests and waterfalls.
Ordinary ion generators may produce negative ions, but they are NOT small or ingestible, therefore cannot enter your body, nor offer a biological therapeutic effect.

Fully Programmable
Elanra ionisers can be individually programmed to suit the user’s changing needs, with 144 different programmes available from the MKII tabletop, 32 from the MKII Portable, and 9 from the Elanra Air Pendant. The MKII and MKIII can be programmed to operate on 9 different frequencies, from 4 Hz to 40Hz., including 2 separate settings for pain reduction. The developer has also devised a program to assist smokers to overcome nicotine addictions. For example, the Elanra MK II can be programmed to produce small biological ions in sufficient quantities to suit different needs: 280,000 per cc for Asthma; 350,000 for Hay-fever and Allergies; 50,000 per cc for babies etc.

Quality Assurance
Elanra ionisers are built to strict specifications and are quality assured. Only Elanra conforms to all national and international safety standards. There is a twelve Months guarantee on labour and materials.

Non-Allergenic Materials
The range of Elanra ionisers are made from materials that do not add to the discomfort of the chemically sensitive or allergy sufferers. They are also silent in operation.

Easy Maintenance

Ions emitting needles are replaceable and are developed from special alloys which guarantee small negative ion production. Indicator lights inform the user when needle replacement is necessary. There are no expensive filters to replace.

No Ozone

Elanra ionisers do not produce harmful ozone – a toxic substance that the Environment Protection Agency and other bodies warn against. Ozone can be used as a sterilising agent but is dangerous if inhaled.

Completely Safe

The Elanra can be used with complete safety on aircraft to reduce symptoms of air sickness and jet lag. It can be and is used in hospitals and Intensive Care Units with complete safety and complies with strict Hospital, Electrical and Safety Standards.

Air Cleaning Capabilities

The Elanra’s impressive air-cleaning performance will keep an area up to 75 square metres clean and fresh.


The Elanra easily eliminates up to 95% of airborne bacteria plus other harmful organisms. Also, the Elanra does not use motors or fans, thereby protecting users from exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation and ELF.

Fully Guarantee

The distributor guarantees to re-purchase your Elanra MKII at any time within twelve months, with a grace period of one month, at half the original purchase price.
Provided that:
• It is returned by the original purchaser.
• The Elanra is in working condition.

Local Delivery Service Available!

For orders above SG$200, delivery will be free of charge.

For orders below SG$200, there will be a SG$20.00 delivery charge 

Overseas order will be sent via post or courier service, please ask for quote.


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