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100 % Fruit Pear juice (No More in Stock)


Pure Pear Juice

Pears contain about 40 kcal per 100 g of fruit, mostly carbohydrates, about 11%. In addition contain vegetable fibers, tannin and pectin. In them has vitamin C and the minerals potassium and phosphorus. Pear can help with high cholesterol, allergies, coughs, diabetes, of difficult urination, alcoholism, diarrhea, rheumatoid arthritis and gallstones. Strengthens the lungs, digestive organs, gall bag, and endocrine secretion.

Nutrition  values

Per 100g

Energetic value

305 Kj/ 73 Kcal







Ingredients: pears, white grape juice from concentrated juice of white grapes

每100公克梨含有大约40千卡热量, 约11%碳水化合物, 除了含有植
物纤维,单宁和果胶也含维生素C和矿物质, 钾,磷等。梨可以帮助
降低高胆固醇,过敏,咳嗽,排尿困难, 糖尿病,酗酒,腹泻,类风

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