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Quince Juice in Singapore

The quince(pronounced /'kwins/), or Cydonia oblonga, related to apples and pears, and like them has a pomefruit, which is bright golden yellow when mature.
Quince fruits are low calorie value of 62 kcal per 100 g of fruit, and are recommended in the diet of people with weight problems. Quince contains the minerals calcium, sodium, iron, phosphorus and copper, and the vitamin carotene (provitamin of vitamin A), as well as vitamins B -complex and vitamin C.

Ingredients: quince, white grape juice from concentrated juice of white grapes

Nutrition  values

Per 100g

Energetic value

268Kj/ 65 Kcal







榲桲学名:Cydonia oblonga), 果实状,未成熟时青色,有白毛,成熟后釐黄色。榲桲果实低热量水果, 每100克62千卡。榲桲含矿物质钙,钠,铁,磷,铜和维生素胡萝卜素, 维生素A,以及维生素B群,维生素C


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