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Organic Raspberry Nectar (No More in Stock)


Organic Raspberry Juice in Singapore

Raspberries of organic origin have a specific aroma and flavor that comes from essential oils. They contain about 80% water, making their energy value of only about 25 kcal. Easy to digest because they have no cellulose. Most have some vitamin C and vitamin B groups, as well as beta-carotene. Ingredients: raspberries *, water, sugar from sugar cane*, *organic origin

Nutrition  values

Per 100g

Energetic value

194Kj /47 Kcal


1.52 g


0.17 g


9.04 g

Item No.FL1002-200 & FL1002-500
Unit Price: RRP $5.90 / 10.50
Volume: 200ml & 500ml
Packing: 12 bottles & 6 bottles/carton

有机树莓含有独特的香气和风味, 含80%水分, 低热量约25 千卡。含维生素C和维生素B群,以及β-胡萝卜素。


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