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What is Olive Leaf ?

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What is Olive Leaf ?

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Man’s cultivation of the olive tree, Olea europaea L, which is native to the Mediterranean region was one of his first accomplishments.

Olive leaf extract is endowed with strong and wide-spectrum anti-microbial activities due to bitter phytochemicals called oleuropein and oleuropeoside, that are effective combatants against everyday infections such as food poisoning, some forms of diarrhoea, strep throat, ear infection to name just a few conditions. Once in the body, oleuropein converts to elolenic acid which helps to strengthen the immune system,and further ward off infection.

Olive leaf is particularly rich in oleuropein, an antioxidant almost twice as powerful as Green Tea and Grape Seed extract, and five times more powerful than Vitamin C. Olive is a potent source of antioxidants – substances which protect the body from harmful effects of free radicals and oxidative damage. They are reported to reduce the effects of ageing and promote health.

Olive Leaf is frequently used in:

* Respiratory infection
* Recurrent cough associated with respiratory infections
* Sore throats
* Herpes(genital and other)
* Unhealthy micro organisms in the intestines
* Glandular fever
* Chronic fatigue syndrome
* Candida or other yeast infections
* Cystitis & vaginitis
* Recurrent viral infections