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Pure Emu Oil

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Double Strength Pure Emu Oil
S$45.00 per 30gm

Pure Emu Oil consists of:

Vitamin E – an antioxidant and healing agent
Vitamin A – a known skin repairer and antioxidant
Terpines – known antiseptics
Sapogens – proven skin softener
Oleic acid – skin cell regenerator, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging
Linoleic acid – eases muscle aches and joint pain

Pure Emu Oil is a highly penetrating, moisturizing oil suitable for relief from skin conditions and disorders, Emu Oil does not clog the pores of your skin and leaves no greasy residue, will not produce pimples on skin.

Relieves and soothes irritated skin and insect bites. Aids in the treatment of inflammation. An ideal application for relief from joint pain and stiffness. Aids in the repair of skin tissue and dry skin.

Emu Oil helps combat the effects of the aging process. Reduces the appearance of aging. Assists, promotes in faster healing to burns, cuts, scarred tissues. It is an ideal moisturizer. Aides in reducing stretch marks and aging spots when applied regularly.

Direction: three times a day for best results.


Local Delivery Service Available!

For orders above SG$180, delivery will be free of charge.

Overseas order will be sent via post or courier service, please ask for quote.


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