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Super Collagen Co Q10

Collagen Extract

SGD $165.00 (720ml)

Japan's Most Popular Antiaging Drinks

Super Collagen Extract -- The Natural “Face - Lifting Protein”. By replenishing your cells with high quality collagen, you would get smooth, white, firm, supple, radiant looking skin.

Function of Collagen -- Collagen is the supportive firming protein of our skin, the matrix in bones, muscles and tissues. 70% of the skin is composed of collagen. As we age, the regeneration of cells has slow down significantly. As the density of cells and the supportive collagen fibres decline, the skin not only loses its suppleness, wrinkles, age spot and blemishes would also begin to show up...

Regular intake of Super Collagen Extract helps:

Improved Effective Formula

Contains natural fermented collagen peptide, mucopolysaccharides, glucosamine and chondroitin, hyaluron and elastin, DNA, Beta-carotene, Vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B6, D3, milk calcium...

High-Tech Process To Enhance Absorption

Very low - molecules to enable better digestion and easy absorption by body for fast result.
Taken once or twice daily (30 – 50ml) you can see and feel the remarkable results within short period.

Collagen in Body

Total body weight – 20%
Skin – 70%
Bone Density – 20% 
Joint Cartilage – 50%
Achilles Tendons – 85%

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