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Immune Support

Heart Health by Ming Herbs

• Increases resistance to illnesses
• Brings body back into balance
• Has anti-tumor, anti-aging properties
• Super antioxidant


60 CAPSULES, 400mg of herbs EACH

DIRECTIONS: Take 1-3 capsules twice a day in between meals. In cases of cold and flu symptoms take 2-4 caps every 3 hours. Use with our Cold & Flu Aid for quicker relief of symptoms.

INGREDIENTS: 10:1 extracts of reishi, chaga, agaricus, coriolus versicolor, schizandra, astragalus; powders of aswagandha and amla.


The mushrooms in this formula are extracts so there is no mushroom spores in the capsules, only beneficial medicinal properties. This formula is a great pick me up when you feel like cold & flu symptoms are coming on or when your system feels out of balance and over worked. Take 3-5 caps and you may regain your normal balance quickly.


The 4 mushroom extracts from this formula are amazing substances, a Divine gift to humanity really. Reishi had been revered in China for milleniums as the mushrooms of the Immortals. It not only has strong anti-pathogenic qualities, strengthen the immune system but also calms the spirit. Daoists use this mushroom as a helper for deep meditation and longevity.

Chaga grows on white birch trees in the far cold northern hemisphere birch forests. The Russians and people of that region use this mushroom to build inner strength to survive the extreme cold climate and for many other health benefits, including it’s anti tumor properties.

Astragalus is a premiere immune support herbs amongst it’s many functions and uses. It is probably one of the most well known and commonly used herb in Chinese herbology. Schizandra is an amazing adaptogen, nourishes all 3 treasures, Jing, Qi and Shen.

Aswagandha is a special and versatile Ayurvedic herb. An adaptogen, tonic and nervine. Rare combined qualities indeed.


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