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Prostate Health

Power Tonic by Ming Herbs


60 CAPSULES, 400mg of herbs EACH
DIRECTIONS: Take 1-3 capsules twice a day in between meals.

INGREDIENTS: 10:1 extracts of pygeum, stinging nettle, paw palmetto, hydrangea, wild yam, eucomia. Powders of cleaver, tulsi, gravel root, andrographis, vacha, ashwagandha.

The prostate is very close to the bladder and gut, and most prostate issues are a result of toxicity and acidity. Acidity
in the body is rarely, if ever, localised to a specific area, generally it is a systemic whole body issue.

Depending on the degree of acidity in the body, you will usually feel tension/pain & inflammation in the weakest areas first.


A good way to resolve prostate issues, as with many other health issues is to: Cleanse the gut, kidneys, liver, and support the adrenals.

Fatigued adrenals will shut down the kidneys filtration function, this causes the lymph fluid – or in other words; the sewage, to get backed up in the body andcauses acidosis. The nature of acid is to burn, it causes inflammation, breakdown and destruction and our cells end up damaged.

The beauty of detoxifying the lymph system is that it positively affects the functions of the whole body. If you perform a long detox course, your internal fluids will return to a good alkaline level, tissues will heal, you’ll feel more energised and have an overall better sense of well being.

While our PROSTATE HEALTH formula helps to relieve acute symptoms, you may want to look into a longer term solution – which is to alkalize and detox the entire body.

Our COLON CLEANSE, INTESTINE BROOM, KIDNEY CLEANSE CAPS, LIVER BLOOD and LYMPH DETOX formulas, have received glowing customer feedback in terms of effectiveness.

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