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Endocrine Health

Endocrine Health by Ming Herbs


60 CAPSULES, 400mg of herbs EACH

DIRECTIONS: Take 1-2 twice a day in between meals.

INGREDIENTS: Extracts of suma, siberian ginseng/eleuthero, schizandra, saw palmetto, ginkgo, stinging nettle, dandelion, wild yam, cistanche. Powders of vitex nirgundi, aswagandha, kelp, maca, licorice, mucuna.


All hormonal glands in the glandular system are connected to different chakras. The proper functioning of the glandular system is the key to vibrant health, for the hormones released by these glands control everything in the body, mind and spirit. Never underestimate how important this system is, this is where the abstraction of Qi interacts with the biochemistry of nature.


The decline of the endocrine system and it’s failure to successfully secrete key hormones is directly connected to aging and the degeneration of the body in general.

The main culprits that cause this system trouble are: acidity, toxicity, physical trauma and malnourishment. The combination of acidity and toxicity can damage the glands themselves and disrupt proper hormonal communication.

This formula focuses on the pituitary gland and also supports the thyroid, thymus and adrenals. For women, irregular menses, excessive bleeding and/or congested transverse colon, often indicate that the pituitary is not working well. In children, stunted growth is a good indicator of a troubled pituitary.

The use of herbs to bring your pituitary system back into balance and maintain it’s optimal functionality, will bene t your overall health.

To benefit your system further it is a good idea to detox the gut, kidneys, liver and lymph uid. Use our COLON CLEANSE, KIDNEY CLEANSE, LIVER AND BLOOD DETOX and LYMPH DETOX formulas.

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