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hbf Active Enzyme High Fiber


Good Health Begins with a Healthy Colon

Active bowel movement (2 - 3 times daily) is essential for good healthy and outer beauty.

Present day ailments are often a direct result from an unhealthy colon. It has been stated by the Royal Society of Medicine from Great Britain that more than 65 different health problems are caused by an unhealthy colon and an average person may have 1 - 12 kilograms of build-up waste present witihin the colon. This would subsequently lead to diseases brought about by the accumulation of bacteria and toxins within the colon. Threrefore, internal cleansing is required for a healthy, active lifestyle, especially in a fast-paced society where the consumption of fast food is considered a norm

Bowel movements and a healthy digestive system

Bowel movements should occur 2-3 times daily after each meal. Irregular movements could be the cause of a dysfunctioning colon. The colon serves the liver as well as the body"s entire organs. It is important to ensure that the colon is clean and functions properly, or else other organs may be affected.

Bowel movement and a healthy digestive system

Irregular bowel movement may be a tell-tale sign of a dysfunctional colon. Bowel movement should occur 2 - 3 times daily, especially after a meal. A healthy colon is vital for various bodily organs to function properly.

Symptoms of an unhealthy colon

hbf are rich in fibre

The naturopathic principle in hbf is to provide a well-balanced, low calorie, high-fibre diet that includes beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, as well as to revitalise and increase bifodobacteria within our gastrointestinal system to enable the body to return to its natural state of providing effective cleansing and detoxification functions.

Fibre is not found in processed food (fast foods), meat, sugar, or fat. Fibre within hbf food products promotes better bowel movement, increasing the frequency in which the body expurgates of waste material and toxins from the body.

hbf contains DigestMORE® , a proprietary formula of digestive enzymes

The human body produces about 22 different digestive enzymes - proteins specially tailored to break down food into nutrients that our body can then absorb. We do not obtain enough enzymes in our regular diet while ageing is also detrimental to enzyme production. Incomplete digestion results in fermentation within the digestive tract. DigestMore®, hbf"s proprietary formula contains 9 digestive enzymes.


DigestMORE® ingredients

  1. Protease
  2. Amylase
  3. Glucoamylase
  4. Lactase
  5. Cellulase
  6. Lipase YN
  7. Invertase
  8. Malt diastase
  9. Bromelain

hbf contains foods that block the conversion of carbohydrates into fats.

hbf contains Garcinia Cambogia, a fruit that flushes out fats and toxins to reduce body weight and fat mass for people with weight management problems.


Take 1 sachet of hbf (15 g) or more daily. Mix with water. For faster results, begin with three sachets (15g x 3) a day. Maintain dosage for a week before reverting to one to two sachets (15g x 2) daily.

Positive reactions to hbf




a. The excretion of excess blockages from the colon causes frequent visits to the toilet.

b. Natural detoxification reaction in the body causes stomach discomfort and excessive gas.

c.Those who have suffered from previous illnesses and those with acidic body PH may experience pain in weaker areas.

d.The colour of faeces changes to a golden yellow colour, indicating improvements in the digestive system and body condition.

a. Besides toxins, the water content in the colon is reduced.

b. Improves the condition of the liver and prevents toxins from being absorbed into the body.

c. Toxins in other organs in the body will also be reduced and improved blood circulation will give a glowing and radiant complexion

d. Hormonal imbalances will be eliminated. Preventing ruddy skin tones, skin pigmentation and freckles.

e. Blood pressure and liver function will begin to improve.

f. Weight loss for certain people.

a. The toxins would have been discharged.

b. Enjoy a general improvement in health.

c. The immune systems would be strengthened, reducing the chance of contracting contagious diseases like flu.

d. Trimmer waist-line.


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