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Nukleus Organic Panties

The Flower Series

Laughter - the sweetest sound.

We laugh when we experience joy.Our planet laughs too - she “laughs in flowers”. 

The celebrated poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson, was the originator of that phrase. It’s delightful. And it’s apt - for flowers are a joy to humankind as well. To celebrate this beautiful emotion, Nukleus is naming its very first women’s range, Flower. A range designed to make you happy. Happy because you look gorgeous. Happy because you feel great. Happy because you’re helping Earth.


Nukleus Camellia Mini
The Camellia Mini $16.90/2pcs
Nukleus Iris Shorty
The Iris Shorty $16.90/2pcs
Nukleus Rosa Hipster
The Rosa Hipster $16.90/2pcs
Nukleus Vanda Tanga
The Vanda Tanga $16.90/2pcs























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