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Classica Cookware Green By Design

Green By Deign

Classica® does not understand green simply as a color. Rather, it is a true commitment to environmental responsibility in the development of our products, processes and logistics.

Classica® products are manufactured to comply with the highest standards of environmental conservation.

Here are the facts:

Manufacturing air emissions fall beneath threshold regulatory quantities. No hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) are emitted.

  • Manufacturing facilities meet federal, state, and local standards for wastewater and solid waste treatment and disposal.
  • Packaging (corrugated and liner board) utilizes a combined average of 68% - 77% recycled content.
  • Recycling paper and cardboard from our facilities saves 3,283 trees and 19,309 gallons of gasoline annually.
  • Recycling scrap steel and aluminum saves 4,300 barrels of oil annually (according to the EPA WasteWise formula).
  • The state-of-the-art florescent lighting systems in our manufacturing and corporate office facilities save a total of 1.5 million kilo watt hours, or 137,000 gallons of gasoline annually; resulting in the receipt of the Environmental Stewardship Award, a distinction held since 2006.


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