»天葵 Angelica Ardent

»金合欢醇辛夷Farnesol Magnolia

»兰华 Forsythia Detox

»桧香 Hinoki

»藿香 Huo Xiang

»非凡 Masculine

»经络大补帖 Meridian Essence

»忘忧 Nepenthe


Avita 植物纯精油


» 精油熏香仪 Arome Diffuser

» 金不换 Basilic

» 青竹 Green Bamboo

» 绿茶 Green Tea

» 薄荷 Mint

» 玫瑰 Rose


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Avita ARÔME Diffuser

avita arome diffuser

For a healthier environment,
For a happier you

ARÔME Diffuser by avita utilizes “Bernoulli’s Law of Hydrodynamics” with the concept of oscillating gas atomization to effectively vaporize pure essential oils into millions of micro-particles. These particles are released into the atmosphere at a rapid speed, transforming them into highly-concentrated anions through friction with atmospheric particles. As such, they neutralize the harmful positive agents found in our environment, effectively purifying the air and killing germs. In the meantime, the aroma of avita’s pure essential oils fill the room with a light fragrance – you’ll instantly feel more relaxed and in better spirits

ARÔME Diffuser by avita preserves the original molecular structure of the pure essential oils, given that no heat or additional water are required in the atomization process. It is safely kept at its purest form so we can fully experience its effectiveness. This technology is commonly seen in medical equipment in order to facilitate respiratory-related treatment and is highly recommended by world-renowned aromatherapists and chest specialists, while it’s also endorsed by the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) and ECOCERT.

Suitable for use with Pure and Herbal Essential Oil – Hinoki & Farnesol Magnolia


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