Avita Herbal Oils

A non-invasive, preventive remedy for our body’s meridians whether you Inhale, apply, bathe in, have a meridian massage or even gua-sha (scraping).

»Angelica Ardent

»Farnesol Magnolia

»Forsythia Detox


»Huo Xiang


»Meridian Essence



Avita Essential Oils

Avita essential oils can support us on our journey towards a more holistic and healthier lifestyle.

» Arome Diffuser

» Basilic

» Green Bamboo

» Green Tea

» Mint

» Rose


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Vital Meridian Essence 经络大补帖

Avita Vital Meridian Essence

Balance and Rejuvenation

Regulate your meridiens with wormwood, or moxa grass, and 20 other kinds of herbal essential oil. When used with other herbal essential oils, it allows the oils to work more quickly into the meridians and multiply their potency to recuperate your health.

  • Relieves stress in the body and mind
  • Promotes circulation of blood and Qi
  • Regulates physiological functions

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