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New Brand Organic Green Tea

New Brand Green Tea

50 grams of tea leaves will provide 15-17 servings (3 grams per serving)

Nowadays, green tea is ranked as No 1 natural product for good health. Organic Green Tea is dubbed as the Natural Elixir of 21st Century, many renowned leading research institutions worldwide have scientifically confirmed the immeasurable health benefits of green tea, its medicinal properties have been shown to be therapeutic. Because of its rich health properties, green tea is always used as an ingredient for many other products-green tea toothpaste, green tea ice cream, green tea cake, green tea shampoo, green tea skin products, just to name a few.

Why so unique and special about green tea?

Green Tea -- unfermented tea
Green tea is unfermented tea which is minimally oxidized; therefore, the nutrients and health benefits of the tea leaves are more well-preserved, thus, green tea drinkers absorb more health ingredients like Polyphenols and Catechins from the tea leaves.

Black tea -- oxidized tea
Other than green tea, all teas are picked, dried by a process commonly called “withering”, rolled or broken which induces oxidation. oxidation removes most of the active nutrients, including antioxidants, from the tea. Oxidized teas are called black teas and most of the tea we drink is considered black tea. English breakfast tea is typical of black tea. Chinese, Korean and Japanese sometimes refer to black tea as “red” tea.

The beauty of “Being Organic”
New Brand Organic Green Tea is produced in remote mountainous region where the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides is strictly banned and our tea plantation is completely free from industrial and human pollution.

We use fresh tea leaves of premium quality like small leaves and buds, and we apply modern Japan tea-processing technologies to ensure the health ingredients in tea leaves are well-preserved.

In order to fulfil the stringent criteria of international organic standards, each processing stage of our organic green tea is meticulously monitored to ensure that we achieve good manufacturing practices.

Our Organic Green Tea is “Organically Certified” by accredited leading internationally-recognized agencies in USA, Japan, EU and China.

Research on green tea benefits by leading international research institutions

  1. Research by American Cancer Society and Harvard Medical School on how green tea element of Polyphenols can help ward off cancer;
  2. Research by University of Chicago on how green tea can help lose weight, fight obesity and keep your body slim;
  3. Research by University of lowa on how green tea can help prevent cavities, gum disease and bad breath;
  4. Research by Japan’s Osaka University on how green tea can help reduce cholesterol level;
  5. Research by Canada’s University of Quebec on how green tea can help fight free radicals and acts as an antioxidant element;
  6. Research by University of Arizona on the green tea detoxification effectiveness;
  7. Research by National University of Singapore (NUS) on the integration of green tea antioxidant elements into bread;
  8. Research by America’s Miami University on green tea elements found in beauty products.

In fact there are more than 50,000 thousand of articles and reports about green tea benefits on the internet, prestigious universities like Harvard, John Hopkins, MIT, Beijing, etc have done thorough research to scientifically prove the effectiveness of green tea elements.

Researchers from Japan spent 11 years to study the correlation between Japanese longevity and green tea consumption, they had found out that the people who drank more green tea were less likely to die from all causes and cardiovascular disease.

Why “New Brand Organic Green Tea”?

  1. Canned or bottled green tea has been reported to contain very minimal green tea health elements like polyphenols and vitamin E, The United States Department of Agriculture tested and released the results of a study they conducted. It stated that bottled or canned green tea had very low levels of polyphenols. Several universities as well as Consumer Reports also conducted similar testing. They all came to the same conclusions.
  2. Green tea stuffed in a tea-bag has made it easier and more convenient for tea drinker, however, green tea leaves have to be processed into “splinter” shade to be packed into a tea bag, the process will inevitably induce oxidization and bring about the loss of beneficial ingredients in the leaves.
    Furthermore, tea bag will “disallow” drinkers to observe the freshness and quality of tea leaves, thus, it is a widely known fact in the tea industry that only tea leaves of lower grade (old tea leaves in big shape) are to be used for tea-bag packaging, and if you open up the tea-bag, you will discover that nearly 30% of the materials are dried tea stems and veins instead of pure green tea leaves, tea plants’ stems and veins contain very little nutrients. In addition, tea bag will affect the fragrance and taste of pure green tea.
  3. Green tea powder was first made popular by Japanese tea manufacturers, due to the limited space available for tea farms in Japan, Japanese tea manufacturers have to fully utilize tea leaves of lower quality so as to increase production to meet the huge demand for green tea in the country.
    Green tea powder is made of old tea leaves in shape, combined with discarded tea leaves, stems and veins to ground and crush them into powder form, the bigger and older the leaves, the lower level of health ingredients they contain, and manufacturers hardly use tea leaves of better quality to produce green tea powder and throughout the process of grinding and crushing, it will also inevitably induce oxidization and the loss of beneficial health elements in the leaves.

In Conclusion, the less we do to damage the green tea leaves, the more nutrients and health benefits they contain! Thus, it is important to select green tea of good quality which is chemical pesticide-free and its leaves have been well-processed to keep the nutrients.

Drinking New Brand Organic Green Tea daily is the safest, most natural and effective way to keep yourself healthy, slim and fresh-People who have problem of obesity or overweight should drink organic green tea 5-7 times daily to “flush out the fat” in order to regain better body shape.

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