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SMT Nano Active Peptide: Replenishes, Rejuvenates & Boosts Life’s Energy

Our body is made up of trillions of cells, different types of cells are performing different tasks that made the whole body functions in harmony.

Cells are the basic unit of life, and changes in various cells in the human body determine the health of the human body.

Why we get sick?

This is because the cells are damaged (due to injuries), poisoned (by free radicals or chemicals) or neglected (malnourishment), coupled with the attack of bacteria or viruses, which weakens the proper functions of the cells and leads to the occurrence of various chronic diseases.

On the contrary, if we care for the cells with proper nutrients, antioxidants and with healthy lifestyle and eating habit, allowing the cells to self-repair the damages allowing them to perform normally. Our health and longevity can be assured.

Therefore, there is only one disease, that is cellular disorder!

Three Stages of Cellular Disorders

  1. Cell dysfunction (sub-optimal health): cells are sick and are sending out warning signals.
  2. Local tissue damage (ulcer, inflammation).
  3. Organ malfunction(diabetes, uremia, hypertension, heart disease and other diseases).

In short: Cell function determines human health: stimulate cell potential! If we can stimulate the “super power of cell self-repair and regeneration” inherent in the human body, allowing human organs to self-repair and regenerate, delay aging, and keep you youthful!

Cell Activation Solutions

  1. Boosts cellular energy, accelerates cell repair and regeneration.
  2. Effectively eliminate toxins and reduce the burden on the body:

What is Cellular Nutrition?

Most of the time, what we eat are for the taste and for the enjoyment of the senses, but not for the cellular health. We need to eat sensibly so that to allow each of our cells to obtain comprehensive and balanced nutrition, so as to promote the repair, activation, and regeneration of cells helping them to achieve the best functional potentials.

The relationship between cellular nutrition products and cellular nutrition delivery system:

Step 1: Food (Nutritional Supplements, Rich in Comprehensive and Balanced Nutrients)

Step 2: Digestive system (digestion, decomposition, absorption of nutrients)

Step 3: Circulatory System (Transports Nutrients)

Step 4: Every cell in each group of organs in the whole body receives the nutrients originating from step 1, that is: Food.

Therefore, an ideal group of nutritional food or products, should be able to provide that nutrients that meet the needs of the human body + conditioning the digestive system + promoting blood circulation + improving cell vitality.

Boosting Cellular Energy

For the optimal health, to replenish cells with energy is the only solution.

After 100 years of study and research, Noble Prize winning scientists have finally found it the answer lies in peptide. Peptide is the core substance for repairing cells.

Scientists have discovered that the absorption of nutirents by cells must be accomplished with the help of peptides. It provides energy to cells and repair them, rev up the metabolism and replication capabilities, that make the cells regain their proper function and vitality.

Peptides determine the density and stiffness of human bone and functional efficiency of the internal organs, including vascular toughness & flexibility, skin luster and elasticity. They are also able to cross the blood-brain barrier, to drive nutrients to this crucial part of the body.

SMT Nano Active Peptide

In deep ocean, the survival of the marine creatures depend very much on their active collagen production capability.

After 12 years of research and experiments together with a University’s biomedical expert team, our company has successfully obtained the China national patent on the production SMT Nano Active Peptide.

Using a purely biological, hi-tech nano-lyophilization and extraction technology, we extract 100% pure and additive-free nano-size bioactive peptides from deep ocean great creature.

SMT peptide can be 100% absorbed directly by human cells without going through the usual digestion process. The full-spectrum peptides in SMT have molecular weights ranging from 150 to 2,000 Dalton. They have a natural stereoscopic network structure with strong target absorption and penetrability.

Nano active peptides are the key nutrients to boosting human immunity, repairing cells, shorting the recovery time after chronic diseases, reducing time required for wound healing after surgery or injury, guarding against chronic and infectious diseases, keep us in good health, youthfulness and better life.

SMT Nano Active Peptide – How to Use

Find the arrow mark on the bottle cap, and tear the bottle cap in the direction of the arrow

After the booster is install, insert the syringe into the comtainer containing distilled water, and pull up to absorb the distilled water. Alternatively, if you have a steady hand, you can just use a small cap filled with water to fill the bottle and use.

Place the water-filled syringe at the bottle neck of the SMT and push it down . The SMT peptide dissolves completely in just seconds.

The SMT’s solution is ready to drink or apply. Try to use it quickly to maintain its efficacy. It can be applied on the skin and the effect is almost immediate!

SMT Nano Active Peptide is a functional nutrient for cells

Promote active cell growth and viability, boost body’s self-healing abilities and repair damaged cells, metabolism, immunity system, and scavenge harmful free radicals in vivo, inhibit Cytometaplasia.

Peptide Youth: D. Brant,Father of collagen, says: “The skin aging process is the process of collagen peptide loss. “Peptide Vitality: Nicholas Perricone, M.D., Chairman of the International Dermal Institute (IDI), says: “Active peptide has extremely strong activity and diversity, and is superior to any supplements and medicines.”

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