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Better Digestion
Good health is not possible without proper digestion. Factors such as poor lifestyle, exposure to pollutants, contaminated food, increased intake of processed foods with low nutritive values results increased digestive stress on the body. When we lack a particular enzyme, vitamin or mineral, the resulting imbalance causes an array of health disorders.

UltriMix™is specially formulated with an Enzyme Delivery System that facilitates digestion. It ensures the 32 nutrients, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in the formula are bio-available and delivered to the cells for maximum health benefits.

Stronger Immunity

A healthy immune system is the key to resisting infection, allergies and chronic illness. The immune system protects and defends the body against virus and bacteria and if it is not in top condition, it won’t be able to resist these disease-causing agents.
Good nutrition plays an important role in protecting the immune system and keeps it functioning well. UltriMix™ is packed with nutrients that are key factors in the synthesis, growth, development and activity of immune cells.

Greater Vitality

Nutrition makes a significant impact on longevity, general functioning, and well-being. Without proper nutrition, your body can feel rundown and lethargic.

UltriMix™ makes it easier for you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle by providing the necessary nourishment and digestive enzymes the body requires to process these nutrients and convert them into energy. With a body that is well-nourished, your energy and well-being will soar to a higher level of vitality.

Faster Recovery
With the essential nutrients, enzymes and anti-oxidants that are clinically proven to benefit those needing immune support and/or tissue repair, UltriMixTM is a perfect supplement that facilitates healing.

UltriMix™ is a concentrated nutrient source that is supported by an effective enzyme delivery system that ensures nutrients are delivered to the cellular level. It is an ideal nutritional support for oral surgery, gastric bypass and other chronic problems.
Please talk to your healthcare professionals before taking any supplements in conjunction with their treatment. Follow physician’s or dietician’s directions.
Please consult your healthcare professionals before taking any supplements in conjunction with treatment. Follow physician’s or dietician’s directions.

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