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Black Garlic Single

Black garlic single


Black garlic is a pure natural health food adopting international leading special biological fermentation, using only high quality garlic.

The Black garlic derives its dark appearance through the fermentation process. Fermentation takes place through two stages.

In the first stage Organic garlic bulbs are arranged in wooden boxes and placed in a greenhouse-like room for about a month.  The room is kept at high temperature and humid conditions to create a dry steaming effect which is ideal for the garlic bulbs to ferment. By the end of the month, the garlic bulbs will acquire a light brownish color. They will then be transferred to another room for the next and final stage of maturation after which it would acquire its black appearance.

Simple though it may seems,  these effects on the fresh garlic bulb includes decomposition, acid reduction, hydrolysis, synthesis and a host complicated transformation affecting more than 800 types of amino acids.  Enzymes are broken down and proteins and sugar naturally found in the garlic will combine to create the black appearance, the sweet, balsamic taste and smooth soft texture that offers an amazing melt- in-the- mouth sensation.

Fermentation changes the taste of garlic, maintains and enhances the nutritional value, increasing cellular absorption, eliminating the sharp excitant odour, rendering it delicious yet nutritious. This advanced method of Japanese fermentation technology was discussed by Professor Junichi Sasaki  (Sasaki J, et al, 2000) , whose research team studied  the anti-tumour potentials of the aged Black Garlic.

Benefits of Black garlic:


Eat it by itself or cook with other food. It does not stimulate stomach in a way a raw garlic does.

1 garlic every time, once or twice a day, after meal. 1 box will last about 25 Days.

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