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Miracle Black Garlic Matsutake Capsule

Miracle black garlic matsutake capsule

Matsutake mushrooms are also known as pine mushrooms or Tricholoma matsutake or Tricholoma nauseosum. They originated in Japan, but can be found in northern parts of Europe, Asia and North America. They are very popular and respected in Japanese cuisine for its distinctive flavor.

Japanese respect these mushrooms so much that they are prepared to pay several thousands of dollars for a kilo of Japanese mushrooms. The imported Matsutake are much less valuable, but still used in the meals.

The tradition of using Matsutake in the healing started in ancient China, 3000 years ago. In these days, people believed in the magical properties of matsutake mushrooms and had used them in many rituals.

Coupled with the health benefits of black garlic, this potent health supplement is a tremendous boost to your immune system. It also helps in the normalization of all your body processes.


Recommended Dosage: 2 Capsules for about 15 days.

Take 2 capsules every time, twice a day, after meal


Fermented Black Garlic and matsutake powder.

Nutritional Facts: 500mg black garlic per Capsule.

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