ELGUCARE: Advanced Formula for Back Pains and Spinal Disorders

Alert: Spinal Disorders are more common than we think...

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Spinal Problems

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80% of the world population is suffering from lower back pain!



Medical research has shown that around 80% of the world’s population experience lower back pain in which 5% of the back pain symptoms last for a month or more. 39% of them are caused by slipped disc, which is also the main reason for causing lower back pain and sciatic pain.

Soreness and numbness around the limbs are mostly caused by spinal disorders. Symptoms that persist for a long period of time will affect our organ’s functions and will cause difficult limb and body movements. In severe case, paralysis of limbs may result, thus endangering our health and impairing our life qualities.

What is spinal disorder?

Injuries to the spinal cord or minor misalignment of vertebrae will cause instability of spinal balance. Misalignment of the vertebrae places stress (in the form of compression) on nerves, vertebral vessels and sympathetic nerves. Depending on the level of compression and duration, the connected body parts will be affected, directly or indirectly, causing malfunction of the body. It will also lead to ostealgia (bone pain) and various internal disorders, namely spinal disorders.





Spinal Nerves and Organs

Type of spinal disorders

Minor malposition of the cervical vertebra will cause compression of our nerves and blood vessels. Temporary or permanent compression leads to poor blood circulation which may give rise to other disorders such as tension headaches, migraines and inner ear imbalance. Instability of lumbar vertebra and compressions on the nerves and blood vessels due to malposition of the lumbar vertebra will cause sciatica. Symptoms of sciatica include a sensation of numbness around lower limbs with lancination (tearing) or asthenia (weakness). This will affect the way we walk, stand and everyday movements, which may be followed by a series of complications.

Common spinal disorders include scoliosis (sideways curvature of the spine), bone spur formation, slipped disc, and discdegeneration.

Causes of compression on spinal cord





Synopsis of vertebrae compression level with everyday human body’s activities 

Levels of Vertebrae   Compression

Daily Activities


Lying down and stretch


Lying or standing with corset






Twisting the waist while standing


Lateral bending


Sitting straight


Jumping, coughing or contracting abdominal muscles


Leaning the upper body forward at an angle of 20 degrees


Lying on the stomach while lifting the head up and backwards


Doing sit-ups


Lifting up a 20kg weight with knees bended


Bending the upper body to lift a 20kg weight

Compression level of vertebrae is the measurement of pressures in our vertebrae at certain postures or when the body is engaged in certain activities; the higher the level of this compression, the easier we injure our vertebrae.

Comparison of Treatments for Spinal Disorder

Treatment Methods




Fast pain relief

Dangerous if treated inappropriately.Recurrence rate is high.


No apparent side-effects

Concurrent treatment with oral medication is normally needed.Short-lasting effect.Require professional acupuncturist to perform the procedure.

Rest and preventive care

Prevent further injury

Most people are unable to take time off for long periods of time. No immediate pain relief effect.


Aim to relieve symptoms with least side-effect

Long-term treatment is required. Inconvenience.



Temporary pain relief with side-effects

Local injection

Fast pain relief

Invasive therapy; possibility of infection.


Only capable of repairing most serious part

Invasive therapy with failure risk and likely to cause complications.

Oral Elgucare

Fast relief, safe, gradual improvement in health, suitable for long-time use

Temporary sensation of pain at compressed or diseased area after use.

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