13 Reasons Why You Must Take Supplements!

By Function

» Allergy
» Antioxidants
» Antiaging
» Blood
» Brain
» Detox
» Digestive & Intestinal Health
» Growth Hormone Release
» Hair
» Joint
» Kid
» Memory
» Men's Health

» Mood
» Muscle Building & Stamina
» Sleep
» Slimming
» Women's Health
» Kid


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Quercetin 300

Quercetin 300
Quercetin has been shown to support the integrity of mast cells, which play a key role in controlling the release of histamine...

Buffered Vitamin C

Buffered Vitamin C Capsules
Buffered C has an acid-alkaline buffering action that can help control the increased acidity often associated with allergic reactions.


Studies have shown that people with allergies may lack CoQ10...


Research shows that the probiotic in Culturelle® restores levels of ‘good’ bacteria, supports optimal intestinal function, strengthens immune health, and reduces unpleasant side effects of medications, such as loose or watery stools...

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes
When food particles cross through the intestines into the bloodstream without being completely digested, the immune system is alerted to these "foreign" invaders and mounts an attack. The food is thereafter considered an enemy and becomes an allergen -- an antigenic substance capable of producing immediate hypersensitivity (allergy)... Ingesting a full spectrum digestive enzymes might help to alleviate this reactive allergy.


Gluta-Ascorbs is a combination of two of the body’s premier antioxidant nutrients that are also its premier antitoxins. Reduced glutathione, a thiol antioxidant nutrient, is a major water-phase antioxidant inside the cell, while ascorbate is a major water-phase antioxidant outside the cell. Gluta-Ascorbs supports primarily phase II detoxification.

Grape Pips

Grape Pips
Flavonol proanthocyanidin extract from grape seeds. Provides powerful antioxidant activity against peroxyl free radicals, and supports capillary integrity...

Calcium Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium & Calcium
As magnesium levels decline, the incidence of allergies and asthma increases, and magnesium has been used in the acute treatment of asthma attacks...

Zinc Picolinate

Zinc Picolinate
Zinc is a trace mineral that is important for healthy functioning of all organs.Zinc is located at the active site of superoxide dismutase (SOD), a major protective antioxidant enzyme, and zinc-dependent enzymes are involved in growth, immunity, and tissue renewal.

Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica)
Nettle may be beneficial for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, possibly because of the quercetin content
Obviously, one can't possibly ingest so many supplements to fight an allergic reaction. If in doubt, please contact us for advice... Ed