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What is spinal disorders?

Spinal problem could lead to many illnessess...

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Shine Elgucare-N  for Your Neck Health 益固康N

Elgucare-N for neck and shoulder problems

Elgucare – N  provides intensive care to your shoulder and neck problems.

Improves the health of the upper part of the back bone, relieves pain at the shoulder and neck.

This product is traditionally used to relive symptoms such as pan asthenia, idiopathic chronic headache, migraine, neck stiffness, worsening memory, insomnia, allergy or feeling dizzy due to compression of cervical vertebrae.

Recommended for: Frequent user of computer, people with stiffness and discomfort at the shoulder and neck, frozen shoulder, bone spur or degenerative cervical spine.

Active Ingredients


丹参 salvia miltiorrhiza. Bge. Radix 50mg

  1. Increases the blood circulation to the coronary artery and whole body. 提高冠狀動脈血流量, 活血化瘀
  2. Reduces swelling and relieves pain. 消肿止痛
  3. Provides calmness.  养血安神

伸筋草 lycopodium clavatum L., herba 70mg

  1. Eliminates winds and chills, as well as moisture and reducing swelling, relieving muscle problems as well as increasing the blood circulation.祛风散寒, 除湿消腫, 舒筋活血
  2. Treats arthritis , joints pains and numbness. 治风寒湿痹, 关节疼痛, 皮肤麻木。

大枣 ziziphus jujube mill. Var. inermis (bge.) Rehd. Fruit. 1oomg

  1. Increases the oxygen capacity to the blood. 能增强血液含氧量, 滋养全身细胞,是一种药效较温和的强壮剂
  2. act as a medium and increases the lymph function, stomach and gastrointestinal tract as well as controlling the digestive system. 滋养脾胃, 提供肠道所需的养份调整消化系统。
  3. contains calcium whereby it will maintains and change the osmotic pressure of the cell membrane, besides that, it also relieves the symptoms of acute muscle and tendon conditions 富含钙质, 可维持及调整细胞膜之渗透压能暖和筋肉的急迫症状。

天麻 Gastrodia elata blume rhizome 70mg

  1. Protects and controls the cerebrum nervous system. 对人的大脑神经系统有保护和调节的作用。
  2. promotes good circulatory system 促进良好的循环系统
  3. relieves conditions such as face muscle cramp and numbness of the body. 对面神经抽搐, 肢体麻木有一定的疗效

红景天 rhodiola sacra radix 70mg

  1. relieves headache, fatigue as well as improving the memory 缓解头痛, 解除疲劳, 增强记忆力。
  2. Eliminates excessive lipid, repairs the micro circulation and eliminates blood clot可清除血中过多的脂质,改善微循环, 活血化瘀。
  3. Two ways mediator of nervous system and metabolism 对神经系统和新城代谢有双向调节的作用

白  angelica dahurica bentham et hook., radix 70mg

1. Promotes metabolism 促进新陈代谢
2. Eliminates wind and relieves pain.结善风寒, 具有止痛作用
3. Reduces the blood pressure 有降血压的作用

川芎 Ligusticum chuanxiong hortorum, rhizome 70mg

  1. promotes blood circulation and Qi, Eliminates wind and relieves pain.活血行气, 祛风止痛
  2. strengthens the blood clot elimination function.增强活血祛瘀的作用
  3. calming effect on the central nervous system 对中枢神经系统有镇静作用



推荐给: 经常使用电脑, 颈肩僵硬不适, 五十肩 (粘贴性关节滑囊炎)颈椎骨刺或退化着。

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