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Ultra Organic Green Barley

 Ultra Green Barley

Efficient Expeller of Body’s Toxins. 100 / 280 Veggie Capsules

Ultra Organic Green Barley™ is made from premium quality ingredients which are natural and organically grown.  It consists of various types of terrestrial and aquatic green concentrates such as Green Barley, Oat Straw, Green Tea, Lime, SOD, Chlorella, Spirulina and Aloe Vera. This makes it rich in nutrients such as enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Green barley, rich in Calcium, Iron, essential Amino Acids, Vitamin C, flavonoids, Vitamin B12, and many other minerals plus enzymes, is highly beneficial to health.

Green barley grass is a green cereal grass that has adapted to a wide variety of climates, and is an excellent nutritional source for both humans and animals. The young blades of green barley grass absorbed large amounts of nutrients from the soil. When the leaves are about a foot high, they contain all the vitamins, minerals, and proteins necessary for the human diet, in addition to many other substances that keep us healthy, such as chlorophyll, antioxidants, and detoxifying compounds.

Key Benefits:

Recommended For:

♦  Persons with high uric acid levels and gout

♦  Individuals who seek to maintain healthy
   digestive functions, ease bowel movement
   and stimulate waste excretion.

♦  Persons with unbalanced diets, especially
    for those with low vegetables intake.

Wonders of Green Barley

Green Barley consists of eighteen amino acids, including the eight essential ones.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are necessary for continual cell building, cell regeneration as well as energy production. As the body is unable to produce these essential amino acids, our daily diet becomes the only way to obtain these essential acids.

Green Barley contains a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants like Vitamins C and E. Minerals include calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Feel the Burst of Natural Goodness within you!

Ultra Organic Green Barley™ uses young tender barley leaves grown during the temperate season in the United States. These barley leaves are organically grown under optimum conditions, without the use of pesticides or herbicides to ensure its safety and purity. It contains a balance of many vitamins and minerals as well as phytochemicals that our bodies need to remain healthy. Researchers have found that this amazing plant can be used as a preventative, if not therapeutic approach to remaining disease-free.

No artificial colorings or flavorings have been used so that Mother Nature’s essence is effectively preserved.


Research has identified chlorophyll as one of the factors that inhibit the mutation-promoting effects of carcinogens requiring metabolic activation.

Aids in Prevention of Chronic Diseases and Improving Health Status

Oat Straw dietary extracts can lower serum cholesterol in patients with elevated and normal serum cholesterol levels.

Green Tea traditionally known for its diuretic, stimulant, astringent, antibacterial and radio protective actions, consist of antioxidants that help to neutralize free radicals.

Chlorella is very rich in RNA and DNA. It has been found to protect against the effects of ultraviolet radiation. The chlorophyll in it can assist in speeding up the cleansing of the bloodstream.

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is added to Ultra Organic Green Barley™ to assist in revitalizing the cells and decreasing the rate of cell destruction. It helps to improve the body’s utilization of zinc, copper, and manganese. SOD may be beneficial to older adults as SOD level  decrease with aging.

Spirulina has a high nutritional content that is naturally digestible. It helps in protecting the immune system reducing cholesterol levels and increasing absorption of minerals.
Spirulina’s high protein content helps to stabilize blood sugar level.

Aloe Vera is known to aid in the healing of stomach disorders, ulcers, constipation, hemorrhoids, rectal itching and all kind of colon problems. It is helpful against infections, skin cancer and arthritis.

Lime Juice Concentrate: Lime is a good source of vitamin C and has anti-cancer and cholesterol lowering effect. It is a good source of 2 phytochemicals known as limonoid and limonene which are both known to have cancer-fighting effects. Both limonoid and limonene have the ability to block cancer development by stimulating enzymes production. Limonene may also trigger apoptosis, thus inhibiting cancer growth.

Nutraceutical Formulation

Code: 1001
Ultra Organic Green BarleyTM

Serving Size: One (1) Vegetarian Capsule

Each Capsule Contains:

Amount/ Serving

Barley Grass (Barley Grass Juice-Concentrate)


Oat Straw Extract 10:1 (Avena Sativa)


Green Tea Extract (Caffeine Free)


Chlorella Powder




Lime Juice Concentrate


SOD (Superoxide Dismutase)


Aloe Vera powder




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