Ultra Life Science Range of Supplements

Ultra B Power

Ultra Bio Youth

Ultra Calcium

Ultra Cardio Support

Ultra Co-Enzyme Q10

Ultra Digestion Aid

Ultra Flax Omega 3

Ultra Flexi Arth

Ultra Gluco Shield

Ultra Green Barley

Ultra Hemo Shield

Ultra ImuPower

Ultra IQ Plus

Ultra LivCare

Ultra Omega 3

Ultra Selenium

Ultra Sino Shield

Ultra Vitamin C

Why Ultra Science?

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Why Ultra Science Supplements?

The company, United Pharma was established in 2003 and since then has become one of the region’s leading nutraceuticals companies.

Botanically Formulated Supplements
The company is committed to the research and development of botanically-formulated products that helps to replenish vital body essentials depleted due to changing lifestyles, changing environment as well as to the ageing process.

We believe that only the purest ingredients extracted from Mother Nature should be used in our products. This means that only the finest botanical ingredients using the state-of-the art extraction technology, to bring your health back to its optimum level.

Research & Feedback
We regularly hold dialogs with university researchers, doctors, specialists, and other health care experts to ensure that consumers are responding well to our products. 
Our research team reviews the latest clinical research studies that affect our products, our ingredients and our industry which produce the basis for new and more effective formulations.

Guaranteed Quality & Potency
The raw ingredients are quality tested to ensure their safety, efficacy and purity.
Each batch of production is tested and issued with a Certificate of Analysis as an assurance that the ingredients used are pure, safe and effective.

The formulation is recommended by a panel of Singapore medical professionals and pharmacists based on the dietary habits of the general public in Singapore and Asia. Through dietary supplement recommendation by local doctors, we are able to customize its range of supplements to suit the specific dietary needs of Asians.


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