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Why Voelkel Juices?

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Why Voelkel?


Voelkel's present range of products includes fresh-from-the-field vegetable juices, healthy lacto-fermented vegetable and fruit juices, delicious not-from-concentrate juices as well as refreshing fruit juice variations.

Today, the range comprises approximately 170 different products.

As Voelkel still practices a craft and does not work in large industrial style, the high quality requirements can be met.

Responsibility for Mankind and Nature has been the central idea of our family-owned company since 1936; long-term planning as well as economic activity with respect for mankind and nature have always been part of the Voelkel tradition.

Leading the way, thinking outside the box and breaking new ground have been and will remain at the center of all operational decisions. For example, we support regional fruit farming in meadow orchards, in this way protecting precious cultural heritage and habitat for a high diversity of animal and plant species. In addition, we lay great store by fair trade and long-term personal business relations with our fruit and vegetable farmers.

The energy for our production is derived from renewable energy sources, and we work completely without genetic engineering.


voelkel quality

The raw ingredients we and our cultivation partners process are divided into different qualities.

The tested quality of the ingredients of our juices and juice variations is depicted on each label and each packaging.

Demeter is our first choice, because the Demeter cultivation combines sustainability and the highest quality for Voelkel.

At Voelkel we see the management in cycles, in harmony with man, nature and cosmos as the most sustainable cultivation method.

Wherever possible, Voelkel turns to Demeter for raw ingredients.

However, not all fruits are available in this quality and/or in the required amounts. Therefore Voelkel promotes sustainable bio-dynamic agriculture and conversion to Demeter surfaces.

Strict controls in our own production and by external laboratories, specializing in food testing ensure the highest quality.

Checks take place continuously along the production path.

In our own production laboratory, among other things, raw ingredients receiving controls, sensory analyses and chemical-physical investigations such as e.g. the determination of sugar and acidity are carried out.

The external laboratories ensure additional independent controls and testing, e.g. for residues of pesticides.

Due to the holistic claim, the great wealth of experience and the expertise of our staff, Voelkel succeeds in maintaining the greatest possible naturalness of the precious raw ingredients using gentle production processes.

Demeter quality


Only products that have been produced in accordance with the principles of bio-dynamic farming carry the trademark of the Demeter Organic Farmers' Association.

This means that it is obtained in closed cycles, without synthetic preservatives and driving mineral fertilizers.

Preparations of manure, medicinal plants and minerals in this type of agriculture increase soil fertility, provide for an increase of the humus layer and help the food develop its characteristic aroma. Both the sowing and the harvest are oriented to cosmic rhythms.

Organic quality

voelkel organic

The term "organic" stands for the food produced according to the EU Eco Regulation. The terms "organic" and "eco" are protected by law when used in connection with food.

The use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms is prohibited in organic farming.

A possible closed operational nutrient cycle is aspired to preserving and promoting soil fertility.

Cultivation Partners

voelkel cultivation partner

About 98% of our suppliers are long-standing partners, because we believe that we can only guarantee the quality of the raw ingredients used through long-term, partnership-based relations with our fruit and vegetable farmers. Contracts which are mutually developed and designed for the long-term, secure our demand for high-quality raw ingredients and also give our suppliers planning and financial security. This is possible only through fair terms and a permanent dialogue because long-term agreements only work if all sides are satisfied.

Our fruit and vegetable juices, herbal and seasoning extracts as well as the mineral water from Voelkel's  own state-approved spring in the Biosphere Reserve Niedersächsische Elbtalaue  (Lower Saxonian Elbe Valley) provide the basis for our bio-lemonades.

As they are free from flavoring additives, they are exclusively rounded off with the specific sweetness from fruit  thick juices.

Conventional lemonades and soft drinks, on the other hand, normally contain aroma extracts, fruit juice concentrates, sweeteners or sugar,  and artificial coloring.

As the highest water quality requires special labelling, the bio-mineral water seal stands for pure water of the highest possible quality from an environmentally friendly production.

Raw ingredients origin

voelkel ingredients origin

Our natural juicing facility purchases around 29,000 tons of raw ingredients per year from partners at home and abroad.

Apples – Basis and specialty of our natural juicing facility

voelkel apples

For our various juices and juice compositions, from pure apple juice to fruit juices containing apple juice, our cultivation partners supply us with apples in different varieties and cultivation qualities.

Every year we need approximately 5,000 tons of apples in Demeter and organic quality. Our cultivation partners deliver directly to us in Pevestorf.

Here, we get most of our apples directly from Germany, other quantities from our European neighbors.

We maintain a close, long-term relationship to our cultivation partners and are in a constant exchange on crops and qualities.

Cranberries from Canada

voelkel cranberries from canada

The North American cranberries are delivered frozen by our cultivation partner Fruit d´Or in Canada to our natural juicing facility and there processed in a traditionally gentle manner into a naturally cloudy mother juice. We regularly visit our cultivation partners on-site and convince ourselves of the quality of the raw ingredients. The partnership collaboration creates mutual trust, promotes organic farming and ensures the proven Voelkel quality.

Demeter carrots

demeter carrots

Every autumn, Christian Pahlow drives his tractor from his farm to our natural juicing facility.

In his trailer - freshly harvested, open-pollinated (pure line) Demeter carrots for our field fresh carrot juice and various vegetable juices. The area of cultivation is located about 55 km from Pevestorf, in the district of Lüneburg.

In this area, a total of 300 hectares are farmed by organic and Demeter farmers.

Christian Pahlow has been an organic farmer for many years. For several years, he has farmed bio-dynamically and is convinced of the holistic idea of Demeter farming.

With the assistance of the Demeter Association and Voelkel’s support, he started cultivating open-pollinated carrot varieties in Demeter quality about seven years ago. He does not regret this decision. He is proud to grow his carrots free from fertilizers & pesticides.

Pomegranates from Turkey

pomegranates from Turkey

The valuable pomegranates for our high-quality 100% juice come only from Turkey. There our natural juicing facility has worked closely for many years with its cultivation partner Göknur.

The idea of switching to bio-dynamic cultivation was mutually developed and implemented. After the three-year transition period from controlled organic to Demeter cultivation, Demeter pomegranates could be processed for the first time with the new crop in 2012. Around the world, this project is unique.

Aloe Vera from Spain

aloe vera from spain

For many years our family business has enjoyed a good and sustainable relationship with the cultivation partner Herfru S.A. from Spain. The indoor cultivation of David Hernández offers the Aloe Vera plants protection and thus optimal growth conditions.

One of our vegetable juice specialties is the fresh-from-the-field vegetable juices in Demeter quality:

voelkel juices singapore

Immediately after harvest, we automatically and gently press  aromatic carrots, red beet tubers and spicy celery to 100% NFC juice, which we then instantly bottle.

In this way, the original, full-bodied taste and the unique nutrient diversity of the vegetables are best preserved.

We offer the largest part of our vegetable range in Demeter quality - the trademark for controlled bio-dynamic cultivation in harmony with nature.

Entirely in keeping with this principle, vegetable varieties of true-to-seed types form the basis for our vegetable juices. These are varieties capable of propagation whose seeds can be sown again year after year.

They  are in contrast to hybrid seeds that cannot reproduce and must consequently be newly purchased by farmers every year.


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