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Cellgevity™, 120 capsules


If there is one single formula that can best epitomise the elegance of marrying science and nature, it is Cellgevity. This patented formula is based on the natural, endogenous production of one of the most important molecules our bodies need – glutathione. The company behind this genius formula, and range of genius formulas, Max International – has built on their 2 immense successes to produce Cellgevity – their best formula yet!


Why is glutathione so special? Here is a detailed look at it.

  1. Highly Recognised and Revered in Scientific and Medical Community – There are more than 100,000 mstudies on glutathione worldwide, while Vitamin C has only about 46,000. Yet Vitamin C is something even non-english speaking people can pronounce and know to consume. Given that not a single study has something bad to say about glutathione, it is that crucial, fundamental and significant.
  2. Most Fundamental and Essential – It is produced in every single cell in our bodies and is 1 of the 4 essential components that our cells need to thrive (water, oxygen and glucose make up the rest). It is even present in our interstitial fluids (between the cells), albeit in much smaller quantities. If our cells don’t have any of these essential components, they die – and we die. If they don’t have enough, they don’t function optimally – and we don’t function optimally. It’s that simple!
  3. It is the MASTER Antioxidant – While antioxidants like Vitamin C has only 5 electrons to neutralise free radicals, and can potentially become a free radical itself, glutathione recycles itself and all other antioxidants so that they can do their jobs again and again. With a million electrons, glutathione is a supreme antioxidant molecule that can neutralise countless free radicals and recycle other antioxidants. It’s no wonder that it is the most important antioxidant and is at least 10,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C! It can handle every single type of free radical – beat that!
  4. It is the MASTER Anti-Inflammatory – Glutathione is needed to combat intracellular inflammation and inhibits the production of most inflammatory cytokines.
  5. It is the MASTER Cell Detoxifier – Know why the liver does most of the detoxification work? Well, it is most concentrated in glutathione! However, apart from the liver, every cell needs optimal glutathione levels to defend against toxins from heavy metals, to bacteria, viruses, poisons, free radicals and other invaders. It doesn’t just protect from these bad boys and cancer cells, but also work to expel them from the inside out.
  6. It is the Gatekeeper of our Cells – Glutathione is crucial for protein synthesis and nutrient assimilation. Whether you drink a glass of fresh antioxidant-rich juice or a raw protein shake, glutathione is the gatekeeper which pulls the amino acids and nutrients into the cell to be absorbed. Without sufficient glutathione, all the fancy nutrition is hardly of any value to the cell, and thus for health.
  7. It Boosts Our Immunity – Glutathione protects the immune cells and act as signalling molecules to activate accurate and optimal immune response, on both the innate and adaptive level. The all- important T-lymphocytes are very significantly activated, resulting in strong proliferation. Glutathione is essential for phagocytic activity of polymorphonuclear nuetrophils, dendritic cell functions, and antigen presentation by antigen-presenting cells (APCs).
  8. Needed for ATP (Energy) Production – People with high glutathione levels produce high amounts of ATP and feel much more energetic and alert.
  9. Maintain Cellular Redox Homeostasis – Maintains oxidational level of cells and holds them in check e.g. hemoglobin in red blood cells must be in reduced state (+2) to accept and bind to oxygen and deliver to cells and glutathione helps to ensure the red blood cells remain in this optimal state.
  10. Improves Health Systemically – Brilliant for lungs, heart, kidneys, digestion, eyes, and even raising DHEA and IGF-1 levels, thus reflecting its significance in pituitary, adrenal and endocrine function (hormones) in general.
  11. Never Becomes a Free Radical Itself – While many antioxidants may become free radicals themselves, especially in the absence of the necessary co factors and synergistic nutrients, glutathione never becomes a free radical! For example, Vitamin C, when oxidised, becomes a free radical itself, albeit a less deadly one. As the glutathione molecule’s electrons are completely used up and it becomes oxidised, it fuses with another oxidised molecule through a disulfide bridge to form GSSG. Also, the body naturally uses trace minerals like selenium etc. to produce glutathione peroxidise, which is an enzyme manufactured to specifically recycle glutathione!
  12. Induces Delta Wave Sleep – GSSG molecules induce deep, delta wave sleep, ensuring optimal repair and rejuvenation, and also HGH production.
  13. Supports Peak Athletic Performance and Accelerates Muscle Recovery – People doing cardiovascular or resistance training will find increased stamina, intensity, and faster recovery periods.
  14. Results in Healthy Weight Loss – As ATP production goes up, energy and caloric expenditure goes up, which is a surefire way to lose extra fat, even without any change in lifestyle!
  15. Protects DNA – Glutathione protects the nucleus DNA and mitochondrial DNA of the cell
  16. Reduces the Effects of Stress
  17. Robustly Supports Liver Function – Glutathione is most concentrated in the liver which is a dominant factor of why the liver does majority of the body’s detoxification work
  18. Improved Mental Focus and Clarity
  19. The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Molecule – People who have aged considerably may be in for incredible changes in their appearance in as short as 2 weeks – with their skin tightening and looking more radiant very quickly – repairing the oxidative damage that has been dealt to them big time. Generally,  skin health is boosted tremendously from the inside out!

Tell us which one molecule can do the amount of work glutathione does safely, effectively, again and again, for the entire body?

The jury has long been out – anyone suffering from chronic dis-ease has low glutathione levels across the board! We really want to do what we can to ensure that we have high glutathione levels.

The good news is this: We produce our own glutathione.

The bad news? Well, our body’s ability to produce glutathione diminishes as we age and through many factors as follows:

Ways to Support Glutathione Levels

I think we can all concur that as long as we do not inherit super genes of having very high glutathione levels (and not switching them off through lifestyle and habits) and lead a typical urban lifestyle, we could use a lot of help in boosting our intracellular glutathione levels.

Here are some ways to support our glutathione levels:

  1. Oral Consumption of Glutathione Itself – As glutathione is a tri-peptide, it breaks down easily into its 3 amino acid components once it hits our stomach acid and digestive system, namely glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine. Hardly any glutathione is left for use by the body when it is ingested orally.
  2. Intravenous Administration of Glutathione – This is more effective as it skips the digestive stage but is quite a bit of hassle, is costly, and the glutathione molecule is generally too large to be absorbed into the cells readily. Only some cells in the lungs, small intestines, and a few in the kidneys contain receptors to transport glutathione from the outside in. There is also the concern of short-half life within the blood.
  3. Decrease Factors that Lower Glutathione – As mentioned above, stress, sleep deprivation, toxicity, exposure to free radicals etc. reduces our body’s ability to produce glutathione. In reality, many of these are unavoidable and difficult to manage in our society.
  4. High Dose Whey Protein – This has proven to raise intracellular glutathione levels – but not substantial enough considering so much whey protein has to be ingested. Many people do not tolerate long-term use of high-dose whey protein well. Whey protein has often caused indigestion and bloatedness and may often putrefy when it doesn’t break down. It works primarily by supplying the crucial cysteine amino acid into the cells. However, it must be taken in high doses as there are many other amino acids in whey protein and the cysteine molecule is very fragile i.e. its sulfhydryl group must be intact kept in the harsh digestive environment in order to be useful.
  5. Oral L-Cysteine – The most common and proven form of cysteine in supplements is N Acetyl Cysteine. Its acetyl chain helps protect the sulfhydryl group to a certain degree. Most other forms of cysteine would not be able to protect the sulfhydryl group and thus be relatively useless to the body in terms of glutathione production. However, N Acetyl Cysteine, being synthetically derived and medically-based (but not used most of the time!), is banned in supplements in some countries e.g. Singapore. On top of that, it causes decreased proliferation of astrocytes (the most abundant cells in the central nervous system).

It is crystal clear that adequate delivery of intact cysteine INTO the cells is the true way of
optimising glutathione levels. Our cells produce glutathione endogenously (i.e. from the inside of
our cells) with the delivery of cysteine. Trillions of cells working for you?
This thrashes any high ORAC ingredient.

Cellgevity™ – Cellular Longevity in a Bottle

Behold Cellgevity™, the undisputed leader in your glutathione quest! It is simply irreplaceable, unmatched and is probably the single most life-changing formula ever created. Despite glutathione’s importance and significance in the medical industry, as justified by the staggering amount of studies on it, it is still not well known in the health supplements industry simply because none of the glutathione-based products have produced any noticeable results for users! Well, glutathione is a sleeping giant that has woken up – thanks to Cellgevity™! Here is an insight to what’s so miraculous about Cellgevity™:

It is one of the few products that can really be felt, and top natural health enthusiasts, doctors and the like all claim that if they had to choose only one product to carry with them at all times, this would be it! It is also one of the few products that are:

Day by day, people are giving incredible feedback on the benefits they get simply by adding Max’s products to their regime. For example, Bill Gillespie broke 4 World Records for power lifting in a single day, at age 49!

Also, at age 47, Evander Holyfield came out of retirement and became the 5 times World Heavyweight Champion in boxing! Many amazing individuals/teams of similar profiles are constantly attributing their success to Max’s products! These products have also been certified by many sports associations.

Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa, PhD

Unlike companies who set up simple R&D teams or simply outsource to contract manufacturers, Max International is committed to being the leaders of glutathione research and solutions, constantly investing and buying over patents, research labs, companies, scientists etc. on key glutathione developments. Apart from widely lauded and highly respected Dr. Thomas Keller’s works, Max International has acquired the technology and assets of CellGevity, Inc., including its patents, proprietary research, formulations, executive team, and scientists. Dr. Nagasawa, the chairman and director of research of Cellgevity, is the creator of MaxOne™ and RiboCeine™. The following are but just a sneak preview of him:

This is an extract of what he said when he decided to join forces with Max International:

“When I started to work on glutathione and started to find out all of the ramifications of glutathione and then we found that a particular molecule can replenish the glutathione, …I felt that this technology, if not transferred within my lifetime, I would be very unhappy. I’d like to be able to have this technology transferred,and the only way to transfer this technology, is to have a commercial entity do it. Myself, being a scientist, Ihave absolutely no knowledge of the business. And I’ve been taught, when I was in school, that…if you have a discovery, the first thing you have to do is patent it. And second thing if you want to have it disseminated is to get a commercial person to do it and stay out of it. Just stick to the science.”

Who Should Take It: Anyone interested in optimal cellular health, anti-ageing, detoxifying from the cells inside out, battling inflammation, quick recovery from workouts, increased energy and mental clarity, overcoming diseases, improving liver, organ and systemic health, improved immunity, reducing oxidative stress etc.

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