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Maxi-Chelate (Modified Citrus Pectin), 150gm powder (No more available)

Maxi-Chelate (Modified Citrus Pectin), 150gm powder

Most medical doctors who do chelation therapy and natural health practitioners who preach detoxification know exactly how tough it is to quickly reduce heavy metals and chemicals in the body. Even with the best detoxifiers, the body’s elimination systems have to be efficient, otherwise bound toxins lingering in the bloodstream and re-circulating from the intestines have a chance of being unbound and causing problems again. Also, given that so many factors must be in favour for detoxifiers to penetrate cell membranes, bind to heavy metals and chemicals, exit the cell into the extracellular matrix/terrain, remain bound to the toxin, and get eliminated through one of our body’s elimination channels, it is no wonder why some people find it frustrating or demoralising.

When undergoing heavy metal detoxification and finding that they do not get the results they desire, even after many, many months.

Enter, Maxi-Chelate, another revolutionary product that works hand in hand with Zeotrex® to ensure that toxins remain trapped and are guided out of the system. As an individual product, Maxi-Chelate holds its own in heavy metal detoxification. In a combination with Zeotrex® (outside in) and Cellgevity (inside out), Maxi-Chelate ensures clathration and elimination, and hence remarkable results can be achieved in relatively quick fashion.

What is Maxi-Chelate all about then?

Maxi-Chelate’s key ingredient is PectaSoModifiedCitrusPectin (MCP)– A soluble fibre derived from the pith of citrus fruits that has been modified to support heavy metal detoxification, promote cellular health, and to augment the immune system.

PectaSol® MCP is produced using advanced enzymatic modification processes, which changes the molecular structure and reduces the length of the pectin molecules. It is then put through pH- altering processes to imbue it with thepowersofoptimalabsorption,enhancedbio-activityandsignificantly increasedbenefitthroughoutthebody.

PectaSol® MCP has been extensively researched over the past 15 years, comprising peer-reviewed data from major universities including Columbia and Indiana University. From multiple peer reviewed studies, PectaSol® MCP has been shown to protect cellular health, enhance the immune system, support against dangerous levels of Galectin-3 molecules, safely remove heavy metals, and promote the overall health of our cells.


A pilot human clinical trial demonstrated that modified citrus pectin decreases the total amount of mercury stored in the body, removing up to 74 percent of dangerous heavy metals, including lead, mercury, cadmium, and others within a few months! Numerous laboratory and clinical studies have demonstrated the gentle power of pectin to eliminate toxins from the body’s tissues. Another study reported that PectaSol® MCP significantly decreased lead levels in children (ages 5 to 12) who suffered from severe lead poisoning.

“Modified citrus pectin is one of the mostpowerful chelating[detoxifying]substancesI’ve foundin the world,” says Dr. Nan Kathryn Fuchs. Dr. Fuchs is a nutritional authority whose private nutritional counselling practice has thrived for 20 years in Sebastopol, California. She says the clinical studies on it have reported astounding results.

In one such study, USDA scientists gave people modified citrus pectin for merely 6 days. Scientists measured toxins excreted in the subjects’ urine before they took modified citrus pectin — and again, 24 hours later.

They were astonishedby the findings …

“Dramatic results like these in only 24 hours are simply unheard of,” says Dr. Fuchs.

Galectin-3 and Cellular Health

Galectin-3 is a molecule found in small amounts in a healthy person. Doctors have learned that the amount of galectin-3 present in the body can serve as a marker or sign to better understand what is going on in the body. High levels of galectin-3 found in the blood are commonly seen in all kinds of people dealing with health challenges. Recent studies have shown that rising galectin-3 levels in the blood is now linked to several serious health risks that result when the body does not regulate the proper response to cellular damage. Blocking and inhibiting galectin-3 molecules have shown to support the body when confronted with cellular damage.

Research shows that galectin-3 is directly implicated in the process by which scar tissue forms and builds up in multiple parts of the body, including the kidneys, liver, and heart. By attaching to galectin-3 molecules, PectaSol® MCP can inhibit the dangerous scar tissue build up in tissues and organs. Determining if you have high levels of galectin-3 is an important new way of judging how your body might be at risk. Given the consensus within the medical community on the significance of galectin-3, there is now an FDA approved galectin-3 blood test available for cardiovascular health evaluations.

By binding to galectin-3 molecules, PectaSol® MCP halts a cascade of harmful cellular triggers, debilitating scar tissue build up, and abnormal cellular growth. Clinical studies have confirmed its indispensable use for cancer conditions. This makes perfect sense as cancer is the ultimate exemplification of poor cellular health, and galectin-3 acts like a “glue” on the surface of unhealthy cancer cells to “stick” to one another and metastasize into tumours. By inhibiting galectin-3, Maxi- Chelate reduces the likelihood of a tumour metastasizing. Furthermore, PectaSol® MCP inhibits angiogenesis, another key contribution to cancer progression. It is evident that PectaSol® MCP has enormous potential for promoting cellular health.

PectaSol® MCP is the only natural galectin-3 blocker proven to bind to and block harmful elevated levels of galectin-3 molecules in the blood, and on the surface of abnormal cells – leading to optimal cardiovascular, circulatory and cellular health.


Apart from inhibiting galectin-3 and preventing abnormal cellular growth, PectaSol® MCP augments the immune system greatly with its immuno modulating polysaccharide content. Generally, the higher the dose of PectaSol® MCP, the more powerful its ability to support the immune system in identifying and destroying harmful invaders and unhealthy cells.

Researchers at Dharma Biomedical LLC in Miami, FL. and the United States Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Resource Services (USDA-ARS), found that PectaSol® MCP induced an increase in the most powerful immune cells: T-cytotoxic cells and Natural Killer (NK) cells, as compared to the control groups. Furthermore, the researchers demonstrated that PectaSol® MCP promoted a 53.6 % increase in the activated NK-cells’ functional ability to identify and destroy unhealthy human blood cells in a four hour assay measuring cytotoxicity (the death of unhealthy cells).

How Maxi-Chelate Works

In the body, pectates naturally form stacks in what is known as the “egg box” model. Each pocket of the “egg carton” contains a positively charged ion to balance the negatively charged chains.

Normally the positive ions are sodium and potassium. However, toxic metals especially lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and radioactive particles have a higher affinity for polyuronides and become trapped in the “egg box” structure so the body can easily eliminate them.

Unlike other chelation therapies, Maxi-Chelate doesn’t deplete essential vitamins and minerals. As a formula, whilst being a very effective chelator of heavy metals and toxins, it also guarantees that these heavy metals and toxins are being eliminated from the circulatory and digestive systems – which is critical.

WhoShouldTakeItAnyone with cancer, heart disease, looking to detoxify the body (especially of heavy metals), augment immunity, and looking for optimal cellular health. Great for autism, ADD, epilepsy and other neurological disorders, and disease in general.

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